Party Time: Blogoversary Post

I’ve never really had writer’s block before. Given an idea, I can usually stretch it out into an essay without too much effort. Until a couple of weeks ago, when I found myself stymied by an apparent inability to turn any ideas into posts. Possibly as the result of too many partial differential equations, my mind felt like mush.

The brain is a mysterious organ, and this left me thinking about how easily function can be lost due to intangibles like sleep, studying, hormones, electrical activity, pharmaceuticals, or nutritional intake.  Actually, this applies to everything we have,  be it emotional, intellectual, or physical. We are delicate creatures who have built ourselves an advanced civilization mostly in the interest of protecting ourselves.

But I’m not going to maunder on about that, although I’m sure I could. I was just thinking that, since so much is so easily lost, it pays to be grateful for it while it lasts. So, although this is not a blogoversary I thought I’d throw a seudas hoda’ah of sorts that this blog has lasted this long without deteriorating too much and that I can, via some mysterious miracle of biology and good company, keep it going.

*sweeps curtain aside, revealing tables laden with yummy food*

*Uncorks champagne, narrowly  missing the light fixture*


9 thoughts on “Party Time: Blogoversary Post

  1. I’ve been reading since Day 1 and never thought you would be writing (under this blog title at least) or that I would be reading for this long! It’s funny to think back to life three years ago and all the places I’ve been while reading this blog…thanks for three years of solid entertainment!

  2. Well, I’ll admit that days at the office can get kinda slow . . . and I need some reading to go along with my lukshen mit kraut. Thanks for the memories . . .

  3. Congratulations on keeping it going for this long, and may we see many more years (though hopefully under a different title)! *clinks Champaign glass

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