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5 thoughts on “Forum Alert

  1. Does anyone think it’s a little ironic (read: crazy) to have a men’s and a women’s entrance? Isn’t part of the problem that men and women aren’t mixing before they date? Now they can’t even talk online in the fame forum?

  2. I guess the brilliant moderators of the website didn’t think that chas vishalom, any males/females would go through the wrong entrance *SCANDAL* white male 5′ 10″ spotted headed through the ladies entrance…suspect may be armed with sarcasm and is extremely dangerous…don’t let his words of common sense overwhelm the sensibilities of your seminary brainwashing!!!

  3. Wait- scratch that- i just checked it out and before you sign up they have a VOICE RECOGNITION SYSTEM so that you cant possible post under the wrong gender. wow, what is this world coming to. Sooooo, any girls wanna trade login names so that we can undermine the system?

  4. MCP, all you’d need to do would be to have a female relative do the gender confirmation for you. No need to chas veshalom talk to a strange girl in order to get access to the forum!

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