Friday Repost: Make Them Identify Themselves

Honestly, since when does someone not have to identify themselves when they call about shidduch information? You’re about to give them sensitive, personal information for someone who you presumably care about. Would you give it out to strangers? Don’t you have the right to know who you’re giving it to? Go on, demand their name.

Oh right, the repost.

Identity Theft and shidduchim.

Background Searches and the CIA.


5 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Make Them Identify Themselves

  1. Absolutely! Why are people so chicken? Why do people give “padded answers” so the shidduch will not be broken? Why don’t people consult Rabbonim? Why is this world so imperfect?

  2. Tzafnas Paneach, I don’t recall the source, but I do recall learning this exact point.
    I think it has to do with the information being Litoeles.
    If the person does not identify themselves, how can you know if you’re giving the information to the right person?
    Also, the person MUST say that they’re asking info for shidduch reasons. You don’t know how many times I’ve been asked info for “a job” that was really for a shidduch.
    That is assur.

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