Off Topic: G’wan and Vote

The Washington Post is holding a cartoonist contest, and one of the finalists wears a yarmulka. Drop in and vote for commenter Stupid Inventor who also has a biweekly online ‘toon.


18 thoughts on “Off Topic: G’wan and Vote

  1. Shouldn’t people vote for the cartoonist they think is best, rather than vote based on headgear? I love my fellow Jews, but there’s no reason the best cartoonist shouldn’t win.

  2. Other people probably wont vote for him because of his head gear, jews voting for him for his race is just evening the playing field

  3. @Tesyaa I hear what you’re saying but at this point the contest has become a popularity contest more than a talent competition. There was a panel of judges that narrowed down 500 entries to just the Final 10, but for the #1 winner it’s just a matter of “who has the most friends”.

    If you feel one of the other strips is better I won’t be insulted if you don’t vote for me.

    Oh, and to make this shout out more relevant to this great blog (thanks Bad4) here’s a link to all of the dating strips I’ve ever done:

  4. MCP – I find it’s interesting that you feel that most non-Jews are biased against those wearing yarmulkes. Where do you get that assumption?

    Most are not. Most would vote based on the merits. (I’m sure that other finalists have their friends voting for them, which is par for the course.) But to suggest that the general public is biased against religious Jews is not based in reality.

  5. I honestly haven’t done any surveys, but just in my experience with the comic strip and my Stupid Invention youtube videos the most common question I get is “What is that on your head?”. There are some anti-Semitic comments too, but those are more rare.

    I just find it weird that while there are jews represented on TV/Movies/Cartoons etc. it’s rare for them to be wearing a yammaka unless they’re playing the “Rabbi” character… part of the reason why I davka draw them, and named on of my characters Shlomo.

  6. tesyaa – I didn’t mean vote for him because of the yarmulka. I just happen to find that a coolness factor of the strip. The reason to vote is because he hangs around here, which makes him a ‘friend’ and it’s a popularity contest so friends vote for friends. Though I admit, I’m partial to the dancing clowns. Some of the other toons are funny, but obviously lack staying power as they seem to have a very narrow watershed of topics to draw on.

  7. @bad4shidduchim Really? I would have guessed your favorite would be Olivia Walch’s strip… Wasn’t a fan of the clown comic…

    But either way… Please vote for me!

  8. The clown one tickled my cynical streak, which is still around despite appearances. I liked Olivia’s, but seeing as its only material seems to be itself, I don’t think it has much promise. I mean, how far can you go with that? Ditto with the alligator, though admittedly that one wasn’t too funny to begin with. I’m just doubtful that there are more than a few dozen ways contrast a kid wondering about what an alligator is thinking with the alligator wondering how the kid tastes. The nice thing about your strips is their variety.

  9. Glad to hear your cynical streak is still around!

    Well I think there’s always the debate of “Character Strips VS. Gag-A-Days”, and I personally will always prefer character based comic strips.

    Ha, I wish I could say I’m a good writer, but really the variety in the strip stems from the fact that it’s only a slightly exaggerated version of myself…. I even built the “Awakenator” device for real:


  10. Well, both those strips looked like they were meaning to be character-based, but I wasn’t seeing it in their sample strips. The gags were pretty good, though. I just think that in a Next Great Cartoonist contest there should be a display of staying power.

    …You probably shouldn’t brag about being the Stupid Inventor. I’m sure it’s bad for shidduchim.

  11. True.

    Ha, I’m actually working on a page long comic to attach to my Shidduch Resume (Oh wait, whats the term you prefer, profile?)

    To quote Popeye (as I’ve done in the comic), “I yam what I yam”. I don’t understand the point of hiding one’s personality only to reveal after a certain number of dates… I say put it all right there in the beginning and if someone doesn’t want to go out with me because of it, I just saved myself some time.


  12. Well, that works best if you’re a sweet potato. But you have to admit, there are certain aspects of people you like that are only endearing because you happen to like them. I dunno if a comic strip would fall into that category, but it’s generally not a good idea to go into a relationship broadcasting everything iffy about you.

  13. this smacks of that jewish guy on death row whom every rabbi was urging people to petition to save because “the memshala” was “out to get him”. seems jews haven’t completely adapted to american democratic life yet.

    and those of us fortunate enough not to have grown up in that awful system need not worry excessively about what’s bad for shidduchim. i’d wager being a cartoonist is a feather in one’s kippa. and you certainly shouldn’t need to defend yourself to some idiot shadchan. just tell them your sister writes for the local antireligous paper.

  14. @Bad4 I do hear what you’re saying, but I think it’s become a big enough aspect that it should be addressed pretty early on… I fully expect to be a Zayde one day who still watches Cartoon Network…:D

    @GP Wow…. Was not expecting to be compared to a death row inmate today!

  15. Bad4, does this mean that you don’t reveal to people before going out with them that you have a blog? I’m shocked!

    Incidentally (and please forgive the prying, if that’s what this is), have you ever revealed anything about the blog before, or during, a relationship?

  16. male – never got that far.
    GP – not really. I’m not saying he deserves a vote just for being Jewish. I’m asking people to vote for him cuz that’s how people win these contests – by getting their friends, acquaintances, and perfect strangers to vote for them. It’s a tad different.

  17. So am I off death row?

    And just going back to our previous discussion Bad4, I’m just curious if GP would have written such a comment dripping with spite and animosity if his/her actual name was attached to it.

    Not sure if this is an argument for or against being totally open, just thought it was worth noting…

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