Shabbos Nachamu Concert

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. It’s been years since my Shidduchville Correspondent introduced me to the following gem by Gad Elbaz. It still makes me laugh when I hear it.

I briefly entertained the idea of pulling together a related playlist, but discarded that idea when I realized I’d just be inundated with everyone’s favorite lovelorn secular songs. Not the road down which I’d like to travel.

I also realized that most of the songs that I’d put on the list are only tangentially related. For example, “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story helps me understand the minds of engaged girls, and reassures me that the pasttime of making fun of them crosses all cultures and nationalities. Thus, it makes it high on my list. But so does Abie Rotenberg’s “The Wedding Song” and that other one about driving up the turnpike to New York.

But I didn’t want to get into that. Just for your entertainment, here’s a song by Gad Elbaz about…  well...

Warning: link goes to Grooveshark.


21 thoughts on “Shabbos Nachamu Concert

  1. Translated lyrics here here (number 8), if anyone’s interested.

    Bad4, if you could understand that song without looking up the lyrics, I’m very impressed. I mean, my Hebrew’s pretty good, but understanding a fast-paced Israeli song is still beyond me.

  2. I’m a big Gad Elbaz fan and love this song, as well as most of his other songs. Interestingly enough, I once heard him say in an interview that all his “love” songs are talking about our relationship with G-d, not between man and woman, but I guess this must be an exception.

  3. First of all, it’s not “blasting”; it’s informing. And I only correct people who take pride in their command of the English language – which Bad4 should, if she doesn’t already (few people would structure that last sentence of the second paragraph to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition). Also, this one looks more like a typo than an actual mistake.

  4. oh- and the song is amazing. קולע אל המטרה. but it’s discussing a common case where there already is a serious relationship and the boy is dragging his feet, not marriage pressure in a vacuum.

  5. This also references your last post, or rather, my comment to your last post. If the boy is dragging his feet, as GP said above, what, if anything, should the girl do about it? I recently heard about a few situations like this and I’m curious what B4S readers think.

  6. If a guy is dragging his feet, she can bring it up in conversation – she doesn’t have to be the one to make the actual proposal. It’s not like nowadays any proposals are ever truly a surprise anyway.

  7. Mary Poppins, if a guy is dragging his feet don’t let yourself be taken for a ride. Tell him your opinion of where the relationship is going and ask him his. If he is wishy washy give him an ultimatum (obvously in more pc words) but dont let him take you for a ride. I just had 2 friends go through heart break because they were ready and sure and the guy kept saying that it’s right, but he’s not ready yet. One got engaged and then he claimed she pushed him into it(after months of dating)and broke it off. The other was led a merry dance as he kept convincing her that he wanted her, but he just wasn’t ready and then one day he calmly broke it off. In both cases the girls allowed themselves to be strung along. If a guy is not ready to commit after a while of dating he either has commitment issues or you are not the right one at the right time. Tell him it’s either engagement or nothing! Result will either be shocking him into it, or you’ll walk away with your self respect intact!

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