Friday Repost

“People on dates shouldn’t even be allowed out in public. I mean it’s embarassing for them, painful for the rest of us to watch – I’m going out with someone later, I’m not even taking her out of the house. I don’t need a bunch of people staring at us.”

~ Jerry Seinfeld

Well, this was supposed to be a Friday repost. But it’s already past 1 in the a.m. and I’m having trouble digging up all the posts that mention meeting people I know while on dates. I know there was at least one. I know I’ve bumped into people around three times. Once my boss and his wife. Once a former teacher. The first party ignored me. The second gave a saccharine smile and wished me hatzlacha. I could have lived without the good wishes, to be honest.

Then, of course, there’s the waitress who can tell you’re on a date. And everyone else in the restaurant/lounge/neighborhood.


8 thoughts on “Friday Repost

  1. I was actually talking to my friend about this, and why is it that we are so embarrassed to be seen on dates and why it bothers us for people to know that we’re dating. as she put it, were 20-something
    but really the only problem i have with being seen is that people may jump to conclusions they shud not have and then may spread their incorrect beliefs.

  2. Hasn’t happened to me yet, unless you count a friend passing by on the sidewalk outside. Happened to a girl I was out with last week, though.

  3. One girl I dated lived on the block of a large yeshiva. She once told me that she had dated someone form that yeshiva and as they’d been walking to his car after he’d picked her up at home, a friend of his from that yeshiva saw him — and not realizing that he was in middle of a date — asked him for a ride home.

  4. Ive ran into friends, neighbors, guy i used to play ball with but didnt recognize who then texted me to let me know that the girl i was with was pretty which confused me for a minute, the waiter who i went to Yeshiva with…you just can’t avoid it. But i’m with aminspiration- i don’t want people hocking about me and planning my wedding/spreading the wonderful news…after a first date.

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