Generate Your Own Repost

I’m working on Monday’s post now, since I’ll be offline for longer than I want to think about (withdrawal symptoms already setting in). So, give me a hand and create today’s post yourself.


9 thoughts on “Generate Your Own Repost

  1. It could create quite an exercise in solipsism to have each person comment on the post that came up without anyone else knowing what the person is responding to.

  2. need advice: what is a young man to do when he picks up his date – who went to the best Bais Yaakovs, etc. – and she has bleached hair and multiple piercings?

  3. Bleaching hair is common enough, but most people try to keep it subtle. Poor girl – probably tried to do the job herself, instead of enlisting an expensive hairdresser like the aidel girl next door. Oh, btw, I know a woman whose hair bleaches itself, naturally, in the sun. So in the summer she develops dark roots and bleached hair. In the winter it stays brown. You never can tell.

    As for piercings… always wanted a few more myself. And I have a friend or two who went and got them once they were married. My guess is that she’s less concerned about public opinion than the rest of us. I’m almost jealous of her. But I have to keep up appearances, as I went to the best Bais Yaakovs… Of course, not everyone in my class in those best Bais Yaakovs were exactly best Bais Yaakov material. There were always a few who slipped in via pull or some other mechanism and gave the teachers white hairs under their sheitels.

  4. I have some topics I think you should Breach The Sefardi ashkenazi Shidduch (there is a recent ruckus{I bet you know them}) and parents being against when the kids are for getting married. TALK (post) AMONGST YOURSELVES

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