Friday Repost: Immaturity

These posts have nothing in common except that they were the only ones that came up when I searched for “immaturity” on this blog. Since there were only four, it seemed good for a repost. Also, it demonstrates that immaturity is not a big concern on this blog. I wonder why or why not?

Am I immature for not having a list?

At least it’s good for a lesson

How old can you go?

Do we really need to go into this?


2 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Immaturity

  1. Oh, that’s a simple question. A query for “immaturity” only returns a few posts since, to the best of my knowledge, the search function doesn’t search the content of a blog’s comments. That’s where a good portion of the fun… err… I mean immaturity is concentrated. 😉

  2. Dear Bad4Shidduchim, let me tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I found it a few days ago and have been catching up with all the entries. (I found it searching for blogs on living in Israel).Anyway, I hope it’s ok that I am married ;D and still enjoying what you write. I am also a psychotherapist and so many of my patients are single people struggling with being single. What society expects of them, and what they really want for themselves. Not all my patients are frum, but interestingly enough, some of the issues really can be found across the board. Keep up the great writing!

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