I Need a New Blogroll

I haven’t been online much recently, let alone checking my blogroll, but I just took a stroll through and discovered that way too many haven’t posted in ages, and even then, the post was mostly along the lines of “I’m really still alive… I”ll check in with more details later.” These posts are at least a month old.

I feel a purge coming on.

So, what blogs are worth reading, folks? Make me some suggestions.


13 thoughts on “I Need a New Blogroll

  1. I feel like everyone is just going to write that you should read their blog but that is not going to stop me from saying the same. :/ I mean my blog is not much of a blog it is my weekly divrei torah but I think it is worth a look. And who knows maybe I will get more than one subscriber (myself 😥 )… I mean there are people that read it, they just get it sent to them by email.
    And I do not plan on going a month with no new posts, so at least you will have reading material.
    Tell me what you think!

  2. I hope you aren’t getting rid of everyone who hasn’t posted lately! some of them say they are coming back soon.
    this is a little random but here are some other suggestions- gtorah.com, torahmusings.com (that’s hirhurim’s new location), kvetchingeditor.com, beyondbt.com is interesting even for nonBT sometimes, erachet-nowhere.blogspot.com, and for even more variety, a torah-and-photography blog- oneinfocus.org. oh, and the only mishpacha writer I know of who blogs is at http://www.rivapomerantz.com/blog.html she’s pretty good. have fun bloghunting!

  3. It is kinda sad how many blogs have died since I’ve come onto the scene, isn’t it? I often wonder how a blog dies, and if it will happen to mine…

  4. No!!! Don’t get rid of mine yet- my summer has been chock full of posts that are languishing on my hard drive. I have some great stories to tell!

    But Orthonomics is GREAT!

  5. I don’t have a blog, so instead of shameless self-promotion, I’ll have to nominate others. Try stillinshidduchim.blogspot.com and jerusalemstoned.blogspot.com. Neither is such a frequent poster, but they are both beautifully written and well-formulated.

  6. As shameless self-promotion is anathema to me, I will just add another recommendation for Orthonomics for good sense. Some of her commentators lose sight of the Ortho component, but she never does.

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