Deleted Scenes

These are the graphs that didn’t make the cut for the top ten Tuesday. Their great sin was either not being good enough or being too complicated an idea. Complicated doesn’t faze me, and I’m no perfectionist, so here you are. They’re nowhere near as neat as SDs, but, as mentioned, they’re a little more complicated. Also, I started out in OpenOffice and had to switch them to PowerPoint so I could change them to JPEGs… that’s why it took this long to get them up. Enjoy.

If your graphics were enabled...


22 thoughts on “Deleted Scenes

  1. Ok I have to ask – I’ve seen this used in so many places but google has failed me in my search for enlightenment:
    What exactly does “redt” mean/stand for? I understand it’s usage from context, but how did it get there?

  2. I’m curious as to the correlation between “as described” and “as imagined” – are they the same (i.e. you trust what people tell you) or opposite (you don’t) or a mix (you sometimes do, sometimes don’t).

  3. Anon- Redt- a Yiddish (I think) term for a person being suggested (ie, to date) by another party. Ex: She was redt to the guy on Chanukah, and they were engaged by Pesach.

  4. MCP – er… to be honest, I didn’t get around to thinking about those. I know that kind of makes it not-so-polar coordinates, but let’s pretend. But if it were months, we’d have to put more hits in the ones with midterms and finals, an absolutely none in the ones for summer vacation. Next edition I guess.

    Anonymous – I have no idea. Yiddish isn’t my language.

    Ezzie – people describe a guy by his pastimes, hobbies, education, etc. That’s the description. From that, I naturally conjure up a picture in my mind of how I expect him to act and behave (not look). That’s the imagination.

  5. the second graph is representative of one of the reasons some guys prefer to date younger girls. when you go out with a girl who’s been in the parsha for a long time you worry that anything you do on a date will be cliched and boring for your date. it’s a lot easier to take out a younger girl who while she may have been at this same Starbucks with friends a million times at least hasn’t been here on a date before…

  6. “Red” in Yiddish means “to speak”. So the shidduch was redt, or spoken. (And that is pretty much the sum total of my Yiddish translation skills.)

  7. Erm.

    I am not fazed by complications either. I was on percocet when we discussed and made graphs. And makeing JPEGs is easier using a screen capture. But I guess if you like complications.

    (I did, however, just type phased for fazed, so perhaps it wasn’t the percocet. Hmm.)

  8. To meta-date is to discuss dating on a date. It includes statements like, “I know this is a little advanced for a second date, but…” or “Have you heard the bad-date joke about the guy and girl who…” or “I’m supposed to ask you if you’re hungry. Are you hungry?”

  9. Lol yes I notice that too. Percocet is my drug of choice, not precocet. And I really have no recollection of that chart, which is either cool or spooky, depending on how you look at it. I guess that explains the various typos on the charts I made that night. :-/

  10. Not to be nosy – and i know that a lot of people consider it to be past nisht – but if you use Saw You at Sinai the boy describes himself in detail, so the correlation between description/imagination and reality i think is consistently much higher. Also, there is a much larger pool of boys than what any individual shadchan would have. (I met my chosson on syas)
    ps. I really enjoy reading your blog.

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