Our Bailout Has Arrived

No, you weren’t imagining it. There really is a shortage of good men out there. Luckily our president is looking out for us. Check out this news clip about a strategic bachelor reserve release from The Onion, sent to me by Aii Guy.


7 thoughts on “Our Bailout Has Arrived

  1. i dont belive in shortage of good men. but i belive in something like natural selection. more attractive-kind-smart-wise woman has more chances then ugly-stupid-hard to deal with one. women who complain that they can not find matching partner mostly just dont really try to.

  2. “Reserve includes stockpile of men who are smart but don’t spend all their time on the internet.”

    I ❤ The Onion… seriously, reading their articles and watching their videos help to restore my faith in humanity!

    (Easy fast everyone!)

  3. Something must be wrong with me. I liked the idea of the strategic cleaning lady reserve even more than the bachelor reserve. They should have a big release every erev yom tov!

  4. Cute Clip!

    Being inclined towards the conservative mindset, I am not enamored by bailouts. Someone is eventually going to have to pay for the mass release of bachelors?! Also wouldn’t increasing the supply of males decrease their overall value based on the principle of supply and demand?! I think this calls for another tea party! 😛

    All kidding aside, the clip, err.. Geraldine Costa, makes a very good point: We shouldn’t be releasing a bunch of males into the system as a one time fix; we should have male rehabilitation programs to create good marriageable boys!

  5. Inflation will now afflict the male gender and women will accordingly complain. Then they’ll form a tea party demanding a reduction in supply to raise the equilibrium value of men because Kenysian economics was never meant to be applied to dating.

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