Single Stats

Hat tip to the Golden Girl for sending this link of stats about single people in America. Did you know there was a National Singles Week? If they’d have told me beforehand we could have arranged a party. Or a singles event. Oh well.


6 thoughts on “Single Stats

  1. I guess the crisis has gone nationwide:
    “88: Number of unmarried men 18 and older for every 100 unmarried women in the United States.”

  2. That number is a bit misleading; there are a lot more women over 80 than men, and they are included in this statistic. More relevant would be the number of unmarried men vs. women in each age group. So unless the singles reading this are looking for someone in the 70 -90 range, I’d relax.

  3. There’s still time, bad4! We can have one tomorrow night, if you can arrange it fast enough. Not that I’d be able to make it…unless we do it at my house, as a cooking for yom tov event! (Even singles have to cook…)

  4. lol! what’s that program… the one that used to give money to shadchanim who made shidduchim with girls who are older than the boys…? Well, they’d be spending a lot more if 70 year old women began marrying 20 year old boys… but then again, we’d still be short boys. Shucks. Can’t win!

  5. “National Singles Week,” an observance that — according to the Census Bureau —was started by the Buckeye Singles Council in Ohio in the 1980s to celebrate single life and recognize singles and their contributions to society.”

    love it!

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