Arts and Profiles

It was like being nine again, and being sat down at the kitchen table for a Sunday of arts and crafts. We would work industriously, giving each other artistic feedback, and our parents, passing to and fro in the course of their parental duties, would peer over our shoulders and make admiring noises.

Only in this case the parents were peering somewhat more anxiously, and the admiring noises were perhaps a bit more grudging. After all, it’s one thing to encourage your child’s creativity when she’s nine, and creativity consists of discovering a new way to decorate a Popsicle-stick jewelry box (for which she has no jewelry). It’s quite another thing when she’s nineteen, and trying to type her shidduch information in a smiley-face shaped micrography. But in the end they agreed with Good4 that, seeing as nobody considers us “normal” anyhow, there was not much point in our pretending we were unaware.

So, we will both be very shortly outfitted with brand-new and more interesting shidduch profiles. Good4 eventually ditched the smiley face for something a little easier to work with but no less cheerful, and mine will be neatly reorganized in a non-linear, more intuitive model.

Of all the things to giggle with your sister about… But it’s a lot more fun than the first time I did this.


16 thoughts on “Arts and Profiles

  1. Here is a different link to the same micrography just in case the other one doesn’t work. Enjoy.

    Anonymous, normalcy is quite overrated, trust me… or not… 😛 But from a philosophical point of view, if one ascertains that everyone is unique, then wouldn’t normality be a potential flaw to individualism?

  2. Anonymous: er… I still think I am. However, normalcy seems to depend on where you are and who you’re with. My sister maintains that I’m not, and presumably in the circles of which she speaks, I am not.

  3. It’s really not too complicated, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave it to your creativity. Why do you want a copy so badly?

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