Calcium! Flavenols! Riboflavin! High Energy Snack!

Yep, it’s ice cream time again.

Young women of the unpaired persuasion are encouraged to post below with “Invite me! Please!” including their email address in the appropriate box of the form. You will then be sent an email with relevant details.

Men not invited.

Question: would men be interested in their own meet? I bet it could be arranged, if enough guys were in the mood of frozen cow lactation. I know guys tend not to do the support group type of thing, because getting together to talk isn’t manly, but if you folks want…


37 thoughts on “Calcium! Flavenols! Riboflavin! High Energy Snack!

  1. Getting together is not manly? Excuse me? Ever heard of farbrengens? Men (specifically: chassidic Eastern-European men) invented the concept of getting together. Except not over ice cream but fermented wheat/potato juice, accompanied with meat of Clupea harengus membras.

  2. Er, I dunno if we can find anyplace in the tristate area that will serve vodka and herring… Also, the idea behind this meeting is to yak, not to end the night under the table.

    Nathalie – this is why they invented planes and trains. 😉

  3. Men do like to get together but not for frozen cow lactation. Nothing unmanly about it; not all guys are cowboys.

    Anyways, if anything comes up count me in.

  4. bad4 – if only it were that simple… 🙂 however i might possibly be moving to the NY area in the near future so I’ll make sure to make it to an ice cream party then!

    and I think the males should go have cholent and beer! 🙂 (not that i wouldn’t mind that either 😉 )

  5. I still say a co-ed one of these could be somewhat productive shidduchim-wise. However, I am no longer in the singles club either, and wouldn’t have a need to attend such an event. After the wedding, I’d certainly coordinate one of them if we wanted to arrange it.

  6. Frozen cow lactation almost makes me never want to eat ice cream again. You ruined it for me, thanks, bad4…

  7. Frozen cow lactation? Seriously? Are you aiming for a small crowd? Cuz I don’t think many of us are left.

  8. Men would gather for Scotch and Steak (or Cholent and Beer), and we would sit around and vent without an issue. We just don’t do it with people we don’t actually know….

  9. I agree with SoG that a co-ed version of these ice-cream parties might be quite productive shidduchim-wise… And why limit it to single people? Married people also need an excuse to socialize… I always look forward to such social events Though in my end of the woods it is all about the midnight pizza, not ice cream.

    Encouraging natural meetings for singles is probably one of the greatest mitzvos you can do – I saw from Rav Rakeffet that he encourages mixed seating because “every wedding should make another shidduch!” – why not ice-cream parties?

    Truth is, you need both – single-gender nights out, and co-ed events.

  10. Gavi – I don’t deal with married people. They take up twice as much space, somehow, and they’re wildly unpredictable.

    Maybe mixed events are a good thing, but I’m a nice aidel yeshivish maidel, and I can’t in good conscience, organize such an event. So it’s single-sex all the way. Now, where could you find an establishment that sells chulent and Scotch or beer and steak?

  11. I think Mendy’s on Coney now does an all you can eat Chulent Thursday night – don’t know about beer though.

    SoG – what makes you think that a nice frum girl from Brooklyn is going to take thay modern YU idea and run with it.

  12. Scotch, Beer, and Steak can all be found in any decent steakhouse, but I doubt they sell chulent…now that’s a business idea- An upscale heimish style eatery, offering all of the above and more!

  13. You’ll get an email in a few days, when I can be sure that everyone interested has registered.

  14. Apparently Pomegranate has cholent thursday nights. Probably herring as well. But you could meet at Max and minas in queens that has cholent ice cream…

  15. B4S — Gavi just gave you a terrific idea. A mixture of married folk (chaperones / adult supervision, if you will) and aidel, currently unattached men and women in a private venue may not be terrible for shidduchim or for your communal reputation. You all could play the board game under development :>)

  16. I’m all for private mixed events for matchmaking. But these take place in ice cream stores and if we invited married people it would utterly defeat the purpose. And, quite frankly, I’m not sure I really want to use this blog as a community activist/activity thing. It’s a dangerous road to go down.

  17. Sorry, didn’t mean for my post to inspire having ladies in black at the meeting. i am not a rebitzen and furthermore i am spouseless and love frozen bovine lactation. (rebitzen is just a nickname.) now can i come to your party?

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