What is Up with All You Anonymouses?

Question here:

When you fill out the comment form, you have the option of putting in a “name” or not. I get why you might not want to put in your name, but why on earth don’t you put in any name? You know, so we can ID you from all the other anonymous posters in the same thread? Would it be so hard to even call yourself Anon1 or TheOtherAnon or something like that? I find Anonymous tags very offputting and difficult to reply to. I’m curious as to why anyone would use one.


15 thoughts on “What is Up with All You Anonymouses?

  1. Cuz this way they can post as many stupid comments as they want without anybody else realizing it’s always the same person

  2. As soon as I read this I knew the comments thread would be full of anonymouses (anonymice, @miriam.) So I am one too- although I usually go by Tehila, here, just to not be completely annoying. 🙂

  3. i meant because
    but sometimes I just go as “a” because I’m too lazy to transcribe the whole word 😉

  4. You could be even more lazy and not enter anything, and “Anonymous” would be generated for you. Cool, no? Actually, that’s a bad Idea because other readers might confuse your comments with mine.

  5. I left a comment just that Miriam would not be the only one with her actual name up. My husband gets a regular commentator on his blog who always signs Anon1. I suppose that is to distinguish him from other commentators who may decline to use their names. But most do use their names or blog pseudonyms.

  6. I made a similar plea years ago. I wound up with a “Something? Anything!” Let me tell you: it was better than nothing.

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