Quote of the Week

“If you have to decide whether to go out again and a big factor is that you have nothing to wear, I’ll pay for it.”

~ My Father


11 thoughts on “Quote of the Week

  1. seems like a purely financial decision to me; he should see a great return on his investment.think about it.just a few outfits and then he need not finance you anymore(besides the wedding i guess). we could use a person like your father as a financial adviser to obama.

  2. My father said that from the beginning. He won’t let me pay for my clothing as he says as my father, it’s his responsibility to provide a date-worthy wardrobe.

  3. Mary Poppins: Kesuvos 52:

    דכתיב (ירמיהו כט) קחו נשים והולידו בנים ובנות וקחו לבניכם נשים ואת בנותיכם תנו לאנשים בשלמא בנים בידיה קיימי אלא בנתיה מי קיימן בידיה הא קא משמע לן דנלבשה וניכסה וניתיב לה מידי כי היכי דקפצי עלה ואתו נסבי לה


    [Note that the Gemara is really speaking of a dowry, rather than dating clothes.]

  4. My father says stuff like that too. And I say “Hi, I’m 24. I can afford my own clothes. That’s not the problem. The problem is that somebody has to buy it, and I don’t have time.”

  5. MCP:

    So funny! Even before I saw your comment, I was prepared to type “MCP, don’t even try it.” Sorry.

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