Nerdy and Available

2kool4u: Bad4, what’s wrong with me? You used to be my only nerdy friend. Now all my friends are nerdy. What happened to me?

Bad4: You stayed single? As did all us nerdy folks? Who knows – maybe you’re really a nerd yourself.

2kool4u: Noooo…. Anything but!

Okay, I was just shooting off at the mouth. But I’m wondering: single people over the age of 24 – do you think you’re a little nerdy? What about your little sister – does she think you’re a little nerdy? Do nerdy people stay single longer?


16 thoughts on “Nerdy and Available

  1. Not single- but I agree with the presumption. It’s ’cause they are cooler, so therefore they need another cool person.
    I guess nerds either need another nerd who will understand their sudden urge to spout out about their latest experiment, or someone who isn’t a nerd but will nod encouragingly.

  2. What do you mean by nerdy? Appearance or interests? For instance, my sci-fi fetish is not regularly exposed to the public, but I do not believe that my appearance in any way connotes any form of nerdiness. Cool people may be nerds on the inside and just fabulous actors.

  3. I’m not over 24, but I know plenty of people who are over the age of 24 and single and not nerdy. (and just for the record I consider myself half nerd half not, and proud of both halves) Although some may disagree, I don’t think the shidduch crisis hits some groups of people more than others. Some claim that there is something wrong with you if you are a certain age and not married yet, but I do not believe that to be the case.

  4. Nah. I know so many people that qualify as nerds that got married.. and plenty of too-cool-for-you girls that are single from 19-35. Plenty of people have gotten married recently that weren’t even nerds- just honest to goodness strange and I thought to myself that if they could get married, anyone could. Really.

    Bad4- you are SO not a nerd! And I am prob more nerdy than cool, and I am married.

  5. Anonymous – phew! Thank goodness I’m not! (Are you?) I always tell Good4 I’m not a nerd. She just laughs at me. [sigh]

  6. being a nerd is great, as long as you’re aware and cash in on it. My daughter told her friend, “you know, my mother does math in the supermarket”. It’s a good thing, as long as you’re aware. Guess who i am, chan!

  7. Honestly, some really cool people might be more selective in terms of the coolness level of their dates, and they’d end up being super picky. So they’d have just as much trouble as anyone else.

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