Thank Y’all for Coming!

To whom it applies:

It was nice meeting (and re-meeting) you for ice cream tonight. I think we hit 9 or 10; not sure if that’s a record, but it’s pretty big. Hope you survived the sugar high and enjoyed the outing.


10 thoughts on “Thank Y’all for Coming!

  1. inkstained – upon first thought, that’s gross. On second, it was probably separated by the ice cream by about an hour, which most rabbis agree is long enough to be yotzei the mandatory separation between ice cream and pickles…

    Ariella – Always wondered what that would look like…

  2. Didn’t you read that the pregnant wife of Max & Mina’s co-owner begged him for a pickle flavor? While they’ve done chocolate-covered-potato-chip fudge, he drew the line at pickles.

  3. Pickles and ice cream isn’t that bad of a combination actually. I had a break at work recently so I walked to the pickle store and ate a spicy pickle. Directly after finishing the pickle I bought myself a cone of vanilla cherry dipped ice cream from the ice cream truck to cut the spiciness and alleviate the pickle breath before heading back into work. Even separated by at most a few minutes, it tasted great :).

  4. Yayyy!

    Speaking of interesting food combinations, my philosophy professor was talking today about potato chip cookies. They’re like chocolate chip cookies, except that they contain potato chips instead of chocolate chips. Apparently they actually exist….

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