Now Here’s a Solution I Hadn’t Thought Of…

(Of which I hadn’t thought)

Marrying yourself.

After all, one is company, two’s a crowd, right? And who is more perfectly matched for themselves than themselves? You’re already used to your peccadilloes (which aren’t even so bad). You don’t mind picking up after yourself, you love your food, and you think all your jokes are hysterically funny. You never disagree on what to do with a Sunday afternoon, whether it’s too hot or too cold in the bedroom, or what newspaper to subscribe to. Yep, I think she’s on to something there…

Hat tip to the Overland Park reader and SiBaW.


5 thoughts on “Now Here’s a Solution I Hadn’t Thought Of…

  1. People actually do tend to marry people very much like themselves. What’s interesting, though, is that shared values prove to be more important than shared interests. In other words, sharing the same taste in food and choice of entertainment counts for less than having the same life goals and the same view of family, money, etc.

  2. Why marry yourself when you have better alternatives ?
    For example, you could :
    – marry your computer (after all, I spend much of my time with mine)
    – marry a cat (good listeners, lots of affection and moreover they’re living beings (a good point compared to the computer))
    – marry an aibo (I’ld rather have a cat but they look more obedient and they can play music)

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