Link: Ten Commandments

SD posted a Ten Commandments of Shidduchim. They’re rather skewed to the female population (no gentlemen, you should not wear makeup, ever), and she left out my suggestion for “Thou shalt live in the tri-state region or at least on the northeastern seaboard.” But pop on over and check it out for yourself.


11 thoughts on “Link: Ten Commandments

  1. 3) Thou shalt not wear long skirts.

    The version for men: “thou shalt not wear a beard or tzitzis out”? Since when not following Halacha is a good advice for shidduchim?

  2. CA – the short skirts that technically cover the knee are sexier. The long skirts are considered “shleppy” or “disrespectful”, but everyone knows they just don’t flash as much.

  3. I think I contravene all the comandments except for number 6. For number 1, I have a plastic skeleton in my closet and there’s also my collection of zebu bones. Does that count ?

  4. Tesyaa, I get so frustrated with the lack of long skirts. Even retailers that normally carry them are showing all skirts above the knee, or — at best — to mid-knee. If you are the type who does not compromise or say, “close enough” with respect to such things, they just don’t cut it. I like longer skirts that hit mid-calf; I don’t have to be concerned that any slight movement would reveal more than I would want and can sit without worries (those just-just skirts never cover knees when the wearer is seated). However, as my daughter is on the petite side, I advise her that the skirts down to the ankles will make her look shorter. Maybe the writer is on the short side, as well.
    BTW shorter skirts are so much in fashion that many girls demand the shortest skirts their schools or mothers will allow.

  5. Ariella/Dr B: I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I do wear knee-length skirts and I can’t promise that they always cover everything when I sit. But what bothers me is that when bais yaakov type people, who wouldn’t dream of mixing with the MO, wear short revealing skirts and are completely accepted at the most right-wing part of the spectrum, because they have the “right” connections.

  6. I can’t say I understand this “long skirts make you look shorter” thing. Especially when the other option is a skirt that hits a few inches below the knee. If anything makes you look shorter, that does. Whereas a good long skirt can lengthen. Of course, the biggest shortener/tallener is mien and bearing. Carry yourself tall and confidently, and you’ll grow. I recently discovered that a guy in my class who I theorized never received his growth spurt was actually taller than me. But his slumping carriage and general diffidence made him seem about 4 feet high.

  7. Tesyaa, I remember once popping into the house of a woman who held onto a sweater or something that she would spread over her knees when she sat. She knew her skirt wouldn’t cover enough on its own. Of course, many would say then the skirt isn’t kosher at all. I found it interesting that she still wore it despite her adherence to covering knees.

    You’re right about posture, Bad4, but clothes do make a difference in appearance, as well. It’s not something I worry about for myself because I am average height, but skirts that trail to the floor do make a short woman look even shorter, especially if the skirt is full. That is not to say, that I condone short skirts, but I can see why shorter women, in particular, would be drawn to them. What I don’t understand though is why women who should know better wear them, and I don’t mean just from the aspect of tznius. Short skirts are very unflattering to women with unsightly knees, thick calves (and some are not fat otherwise) or varicose veins. They would look better in longer skirts, regardless of their height.

  8. “…wear short revealing skirts and are completely accepted at the most right-wing part of the spectrum, because they have the “right” connections.”

    What makes you think they are accepted? The fact that no one embarasses them in public or speaks loshon hara to you about them?

    Maybe we should all just look at our own skirts, and not at anyone else’s.

  9. HAHA! It’s kind of funny that when you link to another blog’s post, you usually get more comments on here than the original poster gets. Seeing as B4S is pretty popular, have you started a count down to 1,000,000 hits yet?

    On a different note, should I start using a different name? Or can you distinguish me by my email address?

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