12 thoughts on “Mars, Venus, and Silicon

  1. I don’t get how men have the monopoly on clear, rational thinking while women are emotional messes. All the men I know are totally emotionally driven, while the women are (for the most part) the logical creatures.

    That point you made about how being single is no excuse for bad behavior? That goes the same way that just because a woman is supposedly hormonal does not mean she is not capable of rationale.

  2. As soon as women start coming with manuals, can be debugged and defragged, can be easily fixed and upgraded, and always operate using logic…..

    (I have nothing against women, I just love computers…:D )

  3. Both a woman and a computer will say “If you don’t know what’s wrong I’m not going to tell you”.

    The difference is that you can logically figure out (and fix) what’s wrong with the computer.

  4. Sorry to disagree but if women (truth be told men as well) had a log of what was going on inside their head I would have no problems… As long as I have some way of figuring out what happened (doesn’t even need to be rational or logical) I am fine with it. Computer have logs that you can dissect after the fact when something does go wrong…. With a computer you always know that if you put enough work into it it will almost always tell you why it got messed up… With people they are often reticent to let you that far inside their thought and emotional processes.

  5. There aren’t logs for everything. Or, if there are and you know how to find them, then you’ve spent a good deal of time studying computers in one form or another. If you spent as much time studying women you might have the same amount of success in understanding them.

  6. But at least a man dealing with a fractious computer knows that there is a solution somewhere. Worst case scenario: hard drive gets wiped and he starts anew. With women I don’t think he gets that luxury, and there isn’t always a solution.

  7. Maybe Alison Armstrong could explain it to you:

    B4S, I’m curious as to what you think about that video.

  8. Anonymous (awful name, btw): it sounds like a secular woman lecturing on the “da’atan nashim kalos” thing (I think I got the quote wrong, but I’ve never actually seen it in print, so apologies). I would not venture to decide whether she’s right or not based on my personal habits.

    However, I did think that the one you linked to was just plain stupid. It sounded to me like she was saying women can’t focus, and if that isn’t a meritless generalization I don’t know what is. She recovers in later segments, though. And if she isn’t accurate, it’s at least in our best interest to pretend she is. [shrug] Women have survived millenia by pretending to be inexplicable and being tolerated as irrational. If you’re going to claim to slash through the mystery and explain women, I guess it’s in the sisterhood code to explain us as, er, Alternatively Rational or Differently Explicable.

  9. It sounds to me like she’s confusing womanhood and ADD. I don’t think she’s saying daatan kalos or anything like that, I think she’s just extrapolating from her experience and assuming it’s due to her womanhood rather than recognizing that she has ADD, just like many other woman and many many more men.

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