Just Go Go Go

Harry is curious to hear your shortlist of places you wish you could go on a date. Personally, I am partial to the exercise mentioned in an article about the dating site that sparked the post: namely of putting little notes into library books. Once when I was researching a specific subject someone put three of my books on hold. I assumed they were researching the same subject, so I stuck in a friendly note recommending some other resources and agreeing that it was a fascinating subject.

I’ve never gotten any notes in my library books, but I often get the library checkout receipts of other people who checked out the same book.  Sometimes they are very interesting and other times downright startling. Occasionally, they even have a good suggestion. The library book is, I think, an underutilized means of friendly communication between people with similar interests.

But enough about that. Trot off and add your whizbanger date idea to the list.


4 thoughts on “Just Go Go Go

  1. LOL. I have nothing to contribute to the discussion, but I do wish you’d have done that in books you borrowed from me over the years. How come my library doesn’t qualify for that lovely gesture?

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