15 thoughts on “The Reason for the Shidduch Crisis

  1. Well, the crisis is not my fault. I love red, it’s my favorite color !!! (even if I wouldn’t go out with a boy wearing red) I wonder why I’m still not married …

  2. I just heard your voice on this clip:

    Awesome! It’s almost like I got an autograph.

    And by the by, guys are also constantly told not to do things because it’s bad for shidduchim…But, when I was in yeshiva, one of the rebbeim said something about that, that I thought was very clever, but also really, really silly if ever put into practice. I’ll leave you to decide what it says to you. He said: “Don’t stop doing things because it’s ‘bad for shidduchim’ – just do those things and find a person who doesn’t mind.”

    I guess he thought, what’s the point of pretending? He has a point, but I don’t think the system works favourably for people who do something which may be construed out of line.

    I think what the Orthodox community needs is an OkCupid for frum people. I don’t think frumster, IMYAS or J-date are of that calibre.

  3. Pshaw. We used a voice synthesizer for that one. 😉 It’s a forgery. Since you’re watching that one, no, that is not me putting on mascara.

  4. Bloop- Excuse me, I retired with a win, and was elected to the bench for the 2 years following. And even when I was a judge, my “team” won the staff marathon both years 😀

  5. I kinda figured you wouldn’t be seen anywhere in the news segment after the news lady said “she did not want to be filmed” – I usually get the obvious hints like that one.

    Voice synthersiser my big toe!

    By the way, red is quite a nice colour. But it has connotations of prostitution, so for me, the goodness becomes marred by that. I think red lipstick or nailpolish is nice though. And I have a tie I like which has red and navy stripes on it..

  6. Red has connotations of prostitutions ? I think it really depends on what shade of red you’re wearing and how you’re wearing it … The only thing is that even if you’re wearing a little bit of red and it looks quite nice and not outrageous at all, you will still get comments that it’s not tzniout. For example, I have this great dark-red tee-shirt that I always wear with a blue skirt and a buttoned grey suit and each time I wear it I’m always being told off … But I’m still wearing it (along with a lot of other coloured stuffs) because I find it so depressing to live in a world where everybody dress the same.

  7. This is not new research. Coca Cola has known this for years. Why do you think Santa Claus wears red?

    If you want to end the shidduch crisis you simply get married. Once married, you will not have a shidduch crisis.

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