So, it’s Thanksgiving today! A very important day. For example, it’s a good day to overload on protein. But if the Women in Black have insinuated that your chances would improve if you misplaced a little lipid, then it’s a good day to eat rice cakes and a little bit of white meat sans cranberry sauce. (And pumpkin pie is healthy, right? Pumpkins are vegetables, no?)

Have your aunts and uncles been hinting that you need to Be Seen more often? Here’s an unparalleled opportunity to do so (and it nets you points in the B4S club too).

Of course it wouldn’t do to lose sight of the day’s purpose. If you’re single, be thankful for it. If you’re not sure why, ask your MFs. If you’re married, be grateful for that. If you’re not sure why, ask your single friends. If you’re somewhere in between and can focus enough to read this, be grateful for that.

And while I’m linking to pretty much every post with the word “thanksgiving” in it, here’s the last one, from last year.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Oh, please. Eat what you want, go where you want, and daven! Life is too short to be obsessed by a few pounds, or by marketing yourself. Relax and enjoy!

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