Top Ten Ways You Know You Date Too Often

BoSD needs help with her top ten list. Since I’m not one of those gals who runs through three guys a week, I can’t really help her with this one.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways You Know You Date Too Often

  1. I’m in civil disobedience about this one. Alot should be a word. Because if think of the meaning, what does it mean you date a “lot”? Plug in the definitions of “lot” and try to find one that works. At the very least, there should be a subject afterward. But the word “alot” to mean “much, general large amount” makes sense. I think we should invent it.

    H&aH has a point in usages like “alot of beer.” Because in that case, you are actually talking about a “lot” (as in, batch, bunch, set of something quantifiable). But “I do that a lot” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in any case.

    Actually, now that I think about it, maybe the entire usage is wrong. It shouldn’t be “date a lot” but rather “date often” or “very frequently.”

    Thanks – now you’ve given me grammatical thoughts over which to ruminate.

  2. If you “date a lot” and then marry it, you’ll be sure to have somewhere to put your car at night (even if you suffer the misfortune of living in Brooklyn).

  3. Favorite so far: “My mother had dated so many YU guys that people started asking her, “well, what did Rabbi Soloveichik say in shiur today?””

  4. I love the one “you get told your own story. Hear the same story from diff guys and most favorite. Date the refernece.”
    ImhExperience – you cant remember if you told the current story to this guy or the previous one. or stam, cant rememebr what youev told him. its ok to preface it buy,”i cant rememebr if i told you this yet.” to which its ok to answer his puzzled look with – or was it “someone else” recently?
    Not being sure what the guys name is….

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