Tis the Season to be Sneezy

It’s finals, and finals go tissue-in-hand with colds. In the spirit of last year’s post, I present an ode to those brave defenders who keep us healthy in this cold, cold weather:


Sonnet #1: To My Leukocytes


A monarch besieged, I toss in my bed

While through the castle they spread the alarm.

You stir in your barracks and lift your head,

Rise and seize proteins that serve you as arm.

You hasten through blood-soaked halls to the fight

And seek the enemy where he does lie

in my cells to battle him through the night,

Engulfing the foe, you kill and you die.

In the morning I rise to your victory

But I cannot toast you with a parade,

Award a medal for your bravery,

Or even knight you for your aid.

We shall never meet, for you are in me

I can only reward you with vitamin C.


12 thoughts on “Tis the Season to be Sneezy

  1. Clever. I especially like how the grandeur of the poem is offset by its final line.

    Last year’s post, however, was truly remarkable.

  2. May i have a copy of this, with your name on it for proper credit, so post in my local Red Cross Chapter? i am an avid Apherisis donor; i donate platelets and plasma nearly every Sunday(max of 24 times a year), due to holidays, Shabbat, etc.). Something like this would go very nicely on the wall. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

  3. Ra’anan – you can post it without credit. Even if it somehow went viral, I would be too tickled to care if it went uncredited.

  4. GP – pus is dead cells, so that’s not exactly “meeting,” is it?

    Vitamin-C doesn’t do anything itself. It’s used in supporting processes in the body. It may not fight disease, but I bet my leukocytes enjoy some ascorbic acid when they get it.

  5. and the cells that have successfully fought your cold are only…(wait for it)…mostly dead? refer to your own work, line 8.

  6. Some die, some don’t. There are various types of white blood cells. Some are able to regenerate after swallowing a pathogen, some can’t. Obviously, I couldn’t fit all that in there. But there are some who would just get an honorable funeral, while others would get the parade.

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