Conversation at a Bris

Me: Mazal tov!

Other Person: Mazal tov to you too! And may you get a big one yourself.

Me: [frowning] Eleven pounds? That’s a bit much.

OP: No, I was thinking in the lines of 140 pounds…


17 thoughts on “Conversation at a Bris

  1. 240 isn’t *that* heavy… *COUGH*

    140 is reaaallly light, unless the guy is super short. My brother is about that, at 5’7 and tiny (amazingly, he’s about the same weight now as at his wedding 11 years ago).

    I was 190ish at our wedding, and was pretty thin then.

  2. Can’t judge that 140 figure unless you have other info as well. You need his height and build type to see how the 140 plays out. ‘Course you’d also need to know if he lives at home, lives in a dorm or lives on his own or with roommates also–weight fluctuates depending on living conditions for a lot of people.

  3. I’m 5’9, weight 155-160, and slightly below average waist size. If a guy is 6’2 240 wont look terrible on him, if a guy is my height and 240 pounds that probably qualifies as obese.

    But if I recall correctly, most of the readers of this blog feel it is unfair to judge based on appearance or numbers, so who really cares 😉

  4. Well, there might be another explanation to the 140 pounds. Maybe the guy was simply talking about a 140-pounds pet like a monkey or a very small poney or a very big cat … After all, getting such an animal would be way more interesting than getting a husband.

  5. As someone who is 5′ 9″ and around 140 pounds*, I don’t think this is a big deal at all. When we were weighed and had our BMI, etc calculated in gym class a year ago, the coach said I was well within the healthy weight range for my height and build. I think it all depends if Bad4 wants a guy who is more slender or has a more “teddy-bear-like” appearance, which would also be dictated by his height and not just his weight as ProfK said.

    *I haven’t weighed myself in a month or two, so who knows what eating ASoG’s delicious food has done to me, though I haven’t noticed any drastic changes in waist size, and I also exercise semi-regularly.

  6. My husband is 137 and 5’8, very thin but not underweight at all-like SoG said, it’s well within the normal range. My friend’s husband is exactly like my husband in height and weight and neither look scrawny or unhealthy. It really depends on the build of the person- narrow bone structure=obviously less weight and vice versa…

  7. Shimon – yes. Skeletal men are as gross as overweight ones. I recommend you follow the lead of the guys who eat a greasy chulent and kugel every Thursday night as warm-up. Then hit the gym and lift some weights so you have an excuse to gulp down calorie-rich protein shakes. Good luck.

  8. speak for yourself bad4. I had a boyfriend who was quite scrawny and he was the best around.
    But, if you are trying to gain weight for years and can’t, I have a better suggestion than greasy chulent- go to a doctor and get your thyroid (and other systems) checked.

    If you go to the doc and come back with a clean bill of health don’t worry about it too much, just maintain a healthy lifestyle and your body will take care of itself.

    Ultimately it’s health that is attractive.

  9. True, and my apologies to the obese and the skeletal. However, it’s still bad for shidduchim. And it’s an odd thing, but I’m noting a trend of the overweight marrying the overweight. Which is to say, not one of my plump friends married a skinny guy. Not sure who the skeletal guys marry, but I’ve seen some married.

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