En Route to Lakewood

Good4 emailed me this, which was sited at exit 31A on the way to Lakewood:


11 thoughts on “En Route to Lakewood

  1. ohhh no fears – I am not one to be offended by stuff like that, and if it was intended, well played I’m impressed. I find the verbiage ironic, but also hysterically funny.

  2. Inverse – When a boy starts learning at Lakewood, in order to ensure that he is not distracted, he is forbidden to date for six months. This is called being “in the freezer.” So, six months after the new zman, the freezer opens, and the dating frenzy begins. (Especially since half the guys there are only there for the name.)

  3. I believe that Tu B’Shvat (January 20, 2011) and Tu B’Av (August 15, 2011) are both Freezer opening days.

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