Epiphany of the Week

Being married must be dreadfully inconvenient and expensive. You need to own all your own accessories and clothing. You can’t just walk into the hall and shout “Does anyone have a brown belt I can borrow?!”

I mean, you can, but it won’t be the kind you want, if he even has one. And he’ll also wonder why you’re shouting.


17 thoughts on “Epiphany of the Week

  1. True ! But if you take into account all the money spent on dating outfits, I think you will find out that being on the shidduch markets is even more expensive than being married.

  2. You can’t just walk into the hall and shout “Does anyone have a brown belt I can borrow?!”

    True, but you can usually find your own stuff when you need it; it’s not rolled up in a ball in someone’s corner, needing a wash or a cleaning.

  3. Oh, dear me, Bad4.
    You really should have posted a “DON’T DRINK WHILE READING THIS” warning for this one….
    Morning coffee spewed all over a laptop keyboard is definitely *not* a good idea.

    Thanks for the laugh though.

  4. Interesting take! I am wondering how comments can be recorded at 8:24 am and 8:27 am respectively when it is only 7:32 am as I am sitting at my computer. btw, I never realized that a dating wardrobe is expensive. I supposed your “first date outfit” may have to be replaced from time to time from overuse but if a single is living at home with Mom and Dad, not having to pay rent and often being covered under their health insurance policies, not to mention food and and non-perishables, utility bills etc. the cost of being married is a huge culture shock to newlyweds, unless of course, Mom and Dad are paying those bills as well. For singles who live on their own, I guess two can often live as cheaply as one and they don’t have dating expenses anymore.

  5. SO TRUE!!!!! You also get male answers when you ask “how do i look?” before going out, not so helpful.

    Plus you usually need to buy an entirely new wardrobe due to shana rishona weight (or have to buy maternity)

  6. Actually, it gets even better when you’re married — “honey, can you please drive me to macys NOW? It’s an emergency! I need a brown belt.”

    or better yet…

    “honey, pretty please drive to macys, find all the brown belts, take pictures with your iphone, & send them to me. I’ll let you know which 4 or 5 I want you to buy for me.”

    (I’m kidding, people.)

  7. ASoG borrows sweatshirts from me all the time, she thinks they are more comfortable than any she owns. So there is a degree of borrowing that DOES take place.

    Also, what do girls with no siblings, older sisters married and moved out, or only brothers who’s mothers aren’t their size do when dating?

  8. Hey, marriage has its perks too! I think my wife has borrowed my sweater, but I don’t think that was for accessorizing, I just think she was cold. 🙂

  9. But you probably don’t have to keep buying new socks when you’re married (since you’ll actually get your socks back from the laundry instead of losing them in your sister’s pile).

  10. I am not so sure being married has been cheaper for my wife, considering that I buy her clothing, and that we share a bank account.

  11. First week I was married I turned our apartment upside down trying to find my favorite white sweater. Called my mom and told her that I must have forgotten to pack the sweater and could she find it for me. She gently told me that it was HER white sweater and its stay in my closet ended when I got married. Yup, truly a shock to discover all the things I couldn’t put my hands on any longer because they were living elsewhere.

  12. frumcollegegirl – tsk tsk, there are better reasons for marrying tall guys, like the ability to wear high heels without worrying about appearing taller than him. Also, as an FYI, you inspired my screen name 🙂 thanks!

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