It’s Not Just Jews

I recently picked up a fascinating little volume that contained within its slim binding some of the greatest secrets of the universe. Like how to fold a fitted sheet. The book was called Betty’s Laundry Secrets, and it’s everything my mother knows about washing, drying, ironing, and folding that I don’t. Highly recommended.

But this is not about laundry. Early on, while revealing some of the more basic esoterica, Betty explains that in addition to sorting whites, blacks, and colored before washing, she recommends that, if you have enough laundry, sorting your colors into “bright” “pastel” and “jeans.” Then she adds, “But New Yorkers can just make one big pile for ‘black.'”



4 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Jews

  1. I bet she has another book all about the shidduch “crisis” caused by the plethora of only black wardrobes in the brooklyn area

  2. Where did you find such a book? I wish I could get my hands on it :). And yes, it’s not just Jews. In my office, everyone wears black all the time. But since the black is tapered by an excess of skin showing, it’s much less funeralesque.

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