Shidduch Playlist

I found this post languishing at the bottom of my drafts folder. I think I decided against posting it because I was afraid the response would involve everyone’s favorite lovelorn pop culture songs. But it seemed a pity to delete after all the work put in, so people: no lovelorn pop culture songs. In fact, no lovelorn songs at all.

The idea of a playlist was inspired by the mostly inappropriate responses to the Shidduch Musical challenge. Musical songs were supposed to be about the dating itself, or songs one could burst out into in one’s dating lifetime, not a musical sigh over one’s single/dating/relationship status. But if there was to be a soundtrack for the shidduch dating experience, what songs would be in it?

Here’s my list. Hit play and I’ll explain my song choice. (Warning: includes religious, Disney, folk, and rock music being sung by men, women, and possibly children)

To represent the conviction we all have that out there, somewhere, is our bashert, we have “There’s Gotta Be Someone,” by Nickelback a suggestion by a commenter named Pinny.

Of course, you couldn’t talk about shidduch dating without paying homage to the song from Fiddler on the Roof, so there it is. But more relevant, perhaps, is Abie Rotenberg’s classic “The Shadchan.”

But even after all that, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2 (courtesy of Harryer.)

At this point you have your choice: are you optimistic? Then try “Tomorrow” from Annie. Are you despairing? That’s why I included the Mission Impossible theme. And if you’re somewhere in between, well, “There Can Be Miracles” from Prince of Egypt.

Since it pays to be hopeful, I ended on a cheerful note, with Gad Elbaz’s “Give the Ring,” sent to me long ago by Just4U. It still makes me laugh. Then “Personal Penguin” to stand in for the proposal itself, and “I Feel Pretty” because I’m pretty sure that’s something like what goes on in NEF’s stratospherically placed heads. I would have added Abie Rotenberg’s “The Wedding Song,” but it wasn’t available on Grooveshark.

13 thoughts on “Shidduch Playlist

  1. I’m in complete agreement with Gotta be Somebody…you may also want to try “Haven’t met you yet” by Michael Buble. My personal favorite is Bless the Broken Road by Rascall Flatts, but it’s more of a post-engagement celebratory song about the travails of dating as opposed to a hope filled looking forward song.
    Also try “Just stand up” by various artists (It was written as a cancer benefit song, but fits everywhere.

  2. The thing that bugs me about the Buble song is that, since it describes what a wonderful person he’ll become when he meets the right woman, it insinuates that he’s not putting this kind of effort into his current relationships because the women just aren’t good enough. I know that’s reading too deeply, and I like the song, but this does bug me.

  3. *shatter*
    That was the sound of my illusion about the song…I took it to be more along the lines of, when you’re with the right person, issues that are insurmountable with other people are virtually nonexistent, because the shared connection (albeit extremely over-romanticized) will allow you to work though it.

  4. I love speaking in songs. That’s the best way to communicate if you ask me. Someone should do a youtube video with a take off of the scene from Transformers where the car speaks in songs from the radio…just in this case have it with two cars…or make it a musical with people… I bet it would get a lot of hits 😉

  5. MCP – if he was an orthodox Jew without any serious relationships in his past, it would be perfect. But since I have to assume several failed relationships behind him, it doesn’t quite do the job.

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