She Thinks She Can She Thinks She Can

Here’s a plug on behalf of my rafiki Naomi, who is running the Miami Marathon in a couple of weeks on behalf of Chai Lifeline. I did that once-upon-a-time, and it was pretty awesome. Some posts below.

Lend her a hand in collecting the last bit of the $3600 she needs to raise for Chai Lifeline, K? Just pop down here and donate a couple hundred. Or just ten. Hey, it’s a good cause.

Some of the more interesting posts:

Where Shidduchim and Marathons (Inevitably) Meet

The Actual Marathon (from starting line to finish)

Journal Posts from Miami:

Road to the Miami Marathon (from packing through the airport)

Arrival in Miami (from the airport to the hotel)

Bas Melech Arrives

Killing Friday Morning in Miami

Team Shabbos (from the sandcastle to the food)


66 thoughts on “She Thinks She Can She Thinks She Can

  1. how do you raise that amount without knocking from door to door?

    I’m interested in running the marathon in either vegas or NYC, and riding the 100 mile route in tahoe, but I have no idea how to raise the necessary amount!

  2. Im doing it by asking friends and family for help. When I started out I compiled a list of relatives and family friends who I could ask. I told people up front that whatever they give me helps and even if they only feel comfortable giving $10 I still appreciate it. Baruch Hashem I’m up to $3100 out of the necessary $3600 and I hope to get the rest within the next 2 weeks! I think that you should definitely sign up for it because its an amazing feeling towards the end to realize that you did it!

  3. LSD- (hey, you should keep it shortened!) I used FaceBook, sent emails to a whole bunch of people, and guilted my friends into giving…I was considering doing the 100 mile bike ride also, but don’t think people will want to be hit up again.
    Also, from what I’ve heard, the NYC Marathon is very hard to get into, Chai Lifeline only like 10 or 20 spots each year. You’re better off doing Vegas or Miami.

  4. Thanks for the tip.

    Yes, LSD is one of the perks of having a screen name Lawschooldrunk; a conjunction of creating this screen-name while in law school and writing reviews of whisk(e)y.

    MCP, did you ride to camp simcha this past summer?

  5. No, so far I’m a runner not a biker, but a year ago I was neither so there’s no reason I can’t train for a long bike race. Once I finish the marathon in Miami, imyh, I’m gonna consider doing a triatholon…

  6. MCP, I am both a distance runner and a competitive cyclist. I think it is WAY easier to ride 100 miles than to run a marathon. Even to be competitive in both, cycling is much easier on your body; not that it’s easy, say, to ride over mountains with an average speed faster than 22 mph.

    This is not the forum to discuss whisk(e)y. I would love to discuss this with you, though, so send me an email at and we can continue. All are invited to email me.

  7. Cycling is a non-impact sport, which is a reason I would pick it up, but the equipment costs much more than running – I paid $80 for my brooks, and like a combined $50 for hat, socks, compression shirt, etc, plus some free race shirts that I got for running. From what I’ve heard, a good bike costs like a grand…

  8. MCP – I’ve always thought it odd how many men think that equipment makes the man. You can be a runner without anything but sneakers, and you can be a biker on a $100 bike. Fancy shirts not necessary. I always laughed when I saw overweight guys in shoulder-to-knee spandex (with logos) puffing up slight hills on their titanium racing bikes. Especially when I then zipped past in my denim skirt and t-shirt on my cheap Jeep mountain bike. They thought shirts with books attached to the tag listing all the technology woven in would make them cyclists; only cycling can do that. Doing a steep hill every day on a crummy bike was pretty darn good training.

    Also, if you do take up biking – for the public’s sake, skip the biking shorts. Your running gear will serve the purpose just fine.

  9. The sneakers are the most important, the hat is because a normal baseball cap retains heat, socks are because on a 20 mile run, if you are wearing cotton socks, when the cotton gets sweaty, it chafes your feet and causes blisters, and the shirt is a warmth thing- I ran in Manhattan last sunday, it was cold and windy, so when I started I needed to be dressed warmly. For short runs, the sneakers are all you need, but when youre consistently running 10-20 miles, I find the extra equipment worthwhile.

    I think I would look good in biking shorts 😉

  10. Bad4,

    a $100 bike will not make you a biker; a harley davidson will. A cheap bike will make you a cyclist.

    Yes, you can be a cyclist on a $100 bike, but you are not going to win races or set your personal best on a course with one. If one is competitive, than a more expensive bike is necessary. Even if one is not competitive, a good bike will make cycling more enjoyable and comfortable. There is more incentive to ride a good bike than a bad (cheap) bike. Additionally, you do not need sneakers to be a runner. You can run barefoot, or in high heels.

    I possibly disagree with your last comment. It seems you do not cycle competitively or with a goal to go as far or as fast as you can. I say this because you say that running gear serves cycling’s purpose just fine. If when you say “take up biking” you refer to someone who has not been on a bike in years and wants to lose a little weight by going around the block a couple of times, then yes, running clothing will suffice. Heck, your work duds will suffice as well. However, if “take up biking” means seriously getting into this sport/exercise, then running gear is abysmally insufficient for serious cycling.

    So, if you take up cycling with intentions to compete, or ride your farthest or fastest, do yourself a favor and get cycling shorts.

  11. Nobody looks good in biking shorts.

    When I did the Miami marathon I invested in sneakers and socks in an attempt to reduce the damage, and a pair of ‘running tights’ because I was running in a skirt in Miami. To stay warm I wore a zip-up sweatshirt. :-/ It did the job wonderfully, and tied around my waist when not needed. More expensive (biking) equipment might buy a quarter of an hour, or reduce training time, but if you’re not in the running to win the race anyway, who cares?

  12. Ah, subjectivity.

    NO ONE looks good in turtlenecks.

    Aside from performance, comfort is really important. I never ride the bike in my garage that has the sharp spikes sticking up from the saddle (seat). I ride the bike that fits me, just like you wear shoes that come in your size and width. I don’t have to stretch to reach anything; it’s like it’s a part of me. My cycling clothing is also part of me. I can’t tell I’m wearing them. Nothing itches me. I don’t get hot. I don’t get cold. The clothing stays dry and not wet like. My skin is happy because I get no blisters or rashes. The clothing is light, not heavy. It is aerodynamic and therefore quiet, unlike baggy clothing that rustles loudly in the wind.

    If you have never worn the clothing, you cannot give an accurate view. It’s possibly similar to saying that your jansport backpack that you use daily for school is good enough for hiking the appalachian trail. Please trust me, you need a good suspension system. Yes, you may be able to use your daypack (if you pack really light) but your shoulders and back will badly hurt. You will be uncomfortable.

    I have worn hiking clothing while cycling. I have worn running clothing while cycling. I have worn regular cotton clothing while cycling. I have worn cycling clothing while cycling. Other clothing cause blisters and discomfort. Cycling clothing are the most comfortable while cycling. Maybe that’s why it’s called cycling clothing.

  13. MCP, you can always wear cycling shorts under whatever you would normally wear.

    I agree that equipment does not make the athlete. I don’t laugh when I see the overweight person on a really light bike wearing full spandex; I sigh and softly shake my head. If the person is looking for significant weight reduction, the person missed the most cost-effective and performance enhancing place to reduce. They have to boost their power-to-weight ratio. However, there’s nothing wrong for the person who has 5-9 percent body fat to ride a really light bike (or wear full spandex). That’s the only place where they can reduce weight.

    And Bad4, it’s impressive that you zip up steep hills on your cheap jeep mountain bike. I’d love it if I heard about more frum women cycling (and in that case, men as well).

  14. I think that i should charge $10 for every post that goes up on this topic and it’ll go to my marathon. Anyone in? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    clothing wise, i just wear whatever i’m most comfortable in. well actually thats not true cuz’ if that were the case then i would be running in a wife beater and shorts (what i wear when im on the treadmill at home), but you know what i mean…. as long as the runner/cyclist/walker is comfy then it doesn’t really matter if its the PROPER gear 🙂

  15. Naomi, your first sentence is hilarious!

    I was thinking during my responses, ‘the spotlight should really be on Naomi and not cycling.’ Sorry.

  16. Bad4- you’re right, to finish I don’t need anything special. But my goal is to finish in under 4 hours without injuring myself, so it’s worth it for me to invest a few bucks in gear.

    LSD- By take up biking I meant competitively. If I’m biking, I’m racing, whether it is 100 miles in Lake Tahoe or (more likely) an Olympic distance triathlon.

  17. what should i do guys? i injured myself on friday from running only 3 miles on the treadmill but it only really kicked in when i tried running on sunday only to have to stop after 1 mile because i was in to much pain. I tried running again yesterday but only made it 1 mile as well. I have pains in both legs and i really have to be intensely training this week in preparation for the big day! ahhhhhhhhh!!!

  18. LSD – I almost agree. Turtlenecks can be pretty awful, in most forms. Even Steve Jobs can’t pull off his mocks these days, poor fella. But biking shorts? Nah. Even after spending an entire summer surrounded by men in biking shorts, I haven’t gotten used to it. They look stupid. You might get used to wearing them, but few will ever get used to seeing you in them.

    Power-to-weight ratio. Yeah, that’s what I mean – being a good biker. Strong biker. Whatever. Something that depends more on your use of the bike than what you wear. I’m not advocating $100 bikes for competitive use, but neither is there reason to spring for a $3000 titanium bike before you even know if you like the sport.

    Though if you go competitive with everything, then I suppose it makes sense to throw money at it. :-/ But that’s an odd reason not to take up something that interests you. Basically, your thought process is: “I might like to take up hacky sack – I’m going to sign up for a hacky sack competition. Darnit, can’t afford a properly balanced hacky sack and sneakers with hacky-sack optimized edges; never mind, I guess I won’t try hacky sack after all.”

    I zipped up the hill because I was bike-commuting to work over a bridge. In the beginning of the summer I had to walk the second half of the hill; by the end I was powering up a 15% grade. Accomplished via practice. I’m sure the clothing could have been more comfortable, but as a frum woman, that’s a bonus I’d be foolish to require before taking up an activity.

  19. LOL!!!!!! thanks bad4, you make me laugh (as always 🙂 )

    i bought some heating pads meant for arthritis today (well in brakets they same for regular muscle pain too) and while i still hope to complete the race in 3 1/2 -4 hrs worse case scenario i have some friends who are walking it and plan on taking 6 hrs so i can always join them…

    i wonder if the wheelchair ppl need pushers? 🙂

  20. aw shucks!
    how come they don’t warn you beforehand how hard it is if you have no self-motivation and have never run before? why?? 🙂

  21. Naomi- what was your longest run so far? Stop training! give your body a week to heal- the more training you do now the more injured you will get…at this point you should only be doing short runs regardless of injury, even if you take the next week off you should still be able to finish.

  22. MCP – Im embarrassed to say but lets just imagine that its not that much! 🙂
    and yeah, im giving my legs a break until they are 100% better. Hopefully next week i’ll be able to do a long run before i leave for Florida….

  23. And Bad4, I would not spring for a fancy bike until I was intensely training. I ran my first 5 mile race on Starburys (ya, the $12 sneakers) and still finished 3rd among the frum group I was running with (39:13).

  24. Have you done more than 5 miles? And it’s probably a bad idea to do a long run a week before the race…I did my longest run 2.5 weeks ago…the idea is to keep in shape rather than kill yourself before the race even starts…and make sure you start the race slow…

  25. Most competitive runners do their hardest effort with a calendar week in between the event/race. 9 days is a good rule of thumb between hardest effort, i.e a 22 mile run, before the race, i.e. marathon.

    Naomi, what is your injury?

    Don’t forget to properly stretch or else injury may follow.

  26. Both of my knees in addition to the pain i felt earlier in the week in my left leg at the back of my shin and in my right leg when i run theres a sharp pain between my ankle and knee! i’m giving myself a rest this week even though i really don’t want to! worse case scenario i’ll walk the race.

  27. I am not qualified to give a bonafide medical diagnosis but I have a lot of experience with injuries (mostly teamates and friends). Take my advice with some salt.

    The right leg could be shin splints. where in the knees do you have pain? outside front? outside back? inside front or inside back? Injuries like these usually happen because some muscles are more tight than others and exert uneven force on your ligaments and bones.

    Until I know more, you can walk (and should if it does not hurt)(to warm up your muscles for stretching and keep your legs loose) but not fast, but definitely stretch.

    And remember: if stretching hurts, your either doing it wrong or exceeding the flexibility limits.

  28. yeah i was sort of googling stuff yesterday and i think it is shin splints. its a little to cold where i live to walk outside in the winter especially this week when supposed to get close to -30 with windshield but ill go on the treadmill at a nice slow pace once my legs are feeling better and see where it takes me…

    thanks for help y’all!

  29. LSD- I was told do longest run 3 weeks before the race then taper down…but I guess to each their own…and not to brag (ok yes to brag) but thanksgiving morning I ran a 5 mile race and finished in 35:08 🙂

  30. MCP, that’s a 7:02.5 pace. At that speed, you’d run the 5k in 21:51, a 10K in 43:43, half marathon in 1:32:08 and a marathon in 3:04:25.

    Can you maintain that pace for the marathon?

  31. ha, I wish. I’m aiming for 9:00/mile in marathon, I think that 4 hours is still pretty impressive considering it’s my first marathon (and longest race by over 20 miles). I could probably do a few minutes faster overall, maybe do 8:50/mile, but I don’t want to risk it. My longest run (20 miles) I finished in almost exactly 3 hours, so I’m pretty confident about the marathon.

  32. Make sure, when doing treadmill running, to pitch the treadmill to at least a 1.5% incline. there are arguments as to what percentage incline mimics running outdoors with air resistance. I generally run on a 2.5% incline just to make sure that my numbers aren’t generous.

  33. According to the coach on the team lifeline website, it’s better not to run at an incline- it messes up your stride

  34. Interesting.

    yes, after a certain gradient. Please ask the coach if he/she thinks a 1.5-2.5% will mess up one’s stride. I find that my stride indoors in this setting is consistent with outdoors.

    But, to each his/her own. See what works for you.

  35. Besides from the normal aches and pains my legs are B’H feeling better although i’m not trying anything out on them this week because I really don’t want to hurt them more before the big day! When I get back I’m going to book an appointment with a PT because I have a feeling this is a real issue and should get properly taken care of….. Thanks for asking!

  36. I live in canada but thanks though! I’ll just have to enjoy free healthcare and wait 4 months to get an appointment, it’s fun like that! 🙂 🙂 but hey, at least its free!

  37. Naomi, what was wrong with your leg? Cuz since sundays run my right calf has been killing and i’m more than a lil worried…any tips from anyone?

  38. im not sure whats wrong with them but my calf has been hurting too. its probably a shin splint – google it. and i would suggest taking advil/motrin or something with naproxin in it – its a strong pain reliever thats awesome!

  39. I thought shin splints are in the front of your leg? This feels more like a muscle thing…i’ve been icing it, and popping advil like candy…

  40. Nope 🙂 I did a 15 fast paced walk and finished in about 320! I’m very proud of myself to say the least even though I realize that it’s not great timing but I did it and I plan on coming back next year!

    Btw did I meet you over shabbos?

  41. Wow that’s really good! Um you may have met me but if you did you didn’t introduced yourself…but I was the guy limping around after with orange medal showing off lol. Ya, I’m proud of my accomplishment and I’m gonna show off. 3:58:28 (of course now you will be able to figure out my name with a drop of research, but I trust that you will keep it to yourself) 🙂

    Was an amaaazing experience, the pasta part was super inspirational even though the food was horrible lol, and overall I had a blast. I’m trying to convince my kallah to come with me next year and we’ll do the half together!

  42. And btw the injury turned out to be my achilles, it was driving me crazy till like mile 17 where it exploded after a hill and killed for a few minutes, and then went numb. Crossed the finish line with my training partner, ran even splits the whole way, and feel great!

  43. Oh right! Wow I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on your name then sorry! I’m really bad with names and faces, as I may have mentioned lol

  44. totally fine! i just think its funny! 🙂
    i just came back from the pharmacy where i picked up lots of heating pads and bengay! 🙂

  45. Lol did you tell me your name? I feel really stupid lol
    I’m sitting at my desk at work. I feel surprisingly good

  46. i don’t remember, but it’s cool!
    i’m also sitting at work and feeling better then yesterday but thats relative. yesterday at work i thought i was going to collapse. today i just want a bed – i consider that improvement 🙂

  47. LOL I slept like a baby last night. My legs hurt a drop- I’m not running anywhere anytime soon- but overall, I think the rest of my body has recovered. BH I have a wedding to plan otherwise I would be kinda depressed cuz I’ve been looking forward to this marathon for months and now its over! Miami 2012 here we come 🙂

  48. well i didn’t train so that’s probably why everything hurts so much! i had to write an overdue essay last night so i only got to bed at 2am, and the rest of the week isn’t going to be much better since grad school applications are due!
    yeah it’s good to have something else to look forward to, especially a wedding! i know that i have 2 ncsy shabbatons that i have to plan over the next 2 weeks and school stuff so i’m definately going to continue being busy!

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