Friday Repost: What Good Are Single People

In my rereading I came across this post about what single people do. I found it entertaining, because one of my chief activities during winter break is classified as “looking after my married friends.” Getting married, apparently, requires moving to a town far from friends and family, and then knocking yourself out juggling housekeeping, bread-winning, and child-bearing. (What happened to the days when we sat around all day embroidering samplers and designing pretty dresses while the husband earned the income and the nurse took care of the children?)

Request: After reading this post, please rate it below on a scale of 1-5, where one is “wow you were desperate for filler material” and five is “I’m going to bookmark this so I can go back and reread it every day.”


2 thoughts on “Friday Repost: What Good Are Single People

  1. Rating: 3.

    What was described sounds familiar to me. Not that I have ever played wedding planner. It’s more like my life with 14 nieces and nephews. Who can come over and watch the kids when there’s a wedding? The single sister. Who’ll be happy to take the kids for a week or two while the parents fly to an exotic continent? The single sister. Who will get turned on for being self-centered when she finally has enough (12 years later)? The single sister.

    Frankly, as the single friend, did you not object to this constant lady-in-waiting-ness? And, as you mentioned, who will do the same for you with such devotion of purpose? It sounds as though you went above and beyond. Who’ll watch my kids for me? If my husband has a single sister, I hope I don’t abuse her the way I’ve been.

    The Victorian paradise that you also detail was not for everyone. Some people couldn’t afford the woman who looked after the kids for 6 shillings a year. My only frame of reference was my mother’s life in the old country – and they weren’t poor. My grandmother was on her feet the whole day, and the help spent all her time cooking diapers (seriously – that’s how they were cleaned). As for the husband’s earning an income – that is not a thing of the past. I’m cool with spending my day shopping for pretty dresses.

  2. The part about “who will do it for you” is true. People will be very very happy at your wedding — but they may forget to do shtick unless you remind them. A few times.

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