6 thoughts on “The Original Shidduch Drama

  1. Yes, I’ve been wanting to see it! I loved reading it (and of course watching the movie). Right now though, I think I’ve spent more than enough money on tickets for the spring to a few plays. Think Shakespeare and Ibsen and Gogol. :]

  2. The Oscar Wilde classic is one of my favorites. But I just saw an even earlier play that addresses the question of are the opposites who are attracted to each other suited to be husband and wife. Watch for a review. To save money on some plays, check their availability on studentrush (see http://www.examiner.com/jewish-bridal-in-new-york/free-and-very-low-cost-live-entertainment-a-true-new-york-bargain) and a site I just learned of today, http://www.highfivetix.org/Aspx/EventsAndShows/EventCalendar.aspx It’s designed for high school age groups, and offers the ridiculously low price of 6 tickets for $25.

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