Happy Snow Day!

Hope you all in the NE enjoyed the sticky snow and almost tropical weather. I did. 


12 thoughts on “Happy Snow Day!

  1. No time in traffic, but I shoveled to the side door, widened the path in front of the house, and dug out the driveway. Beat that.

  2. It’s hard to know if I beat that, as I do not know the distance to your side door, nor the dimensions of your path and driveway. Further, I do not know if our snowfall was the same or whether the water content of the snow was the same.

    I am fairly confident that, if you refer to Flatbush dimensions and snow, I have you beat by thousands of pounds of snow.

    Let the games begin!

  3. 65 feet of sidewalk. Driveway that I dug out is about 45×10. Distance to side door probably 30ft. Plus bonus points for having to fling the snow onto 10-ft-tall heaps and overhead onto the porch, for lack of anywhere else to put it.
    Snow was both wet and fluffy and over a foot deep, especially where the plow pressed up a wall of hard, brown snow 2.5 ft deep at the driveway entrance.

  4. I love how you blurred out the surroundings!
    I think I win the shoveling contest! I shoveled 2 porches and cleared 3 storm drains. But what really makes me win is the amount of times I made this really cool ‘shovel and fling’ motion only to have all the snow land right back on the porch. 😀

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