See, It’s Really Not New…

Once accused of being jaded, I went back to reread some of my earlier posts. And wouldn’t you believe: I found a post on almost the same subject as the Being Muddled one from earlier this week.

Here it is, entitled Weddings.

So, what do you think, folks? Do I sound more jaded these days? Or is it just that the writing is less thoughtful?

14 thoughts on “See, It’s Really Not New…

  1. more jaded. In fact, I’d venture to say that the more painful the subject, the less people talk about it – therefore you don’t talk about it… yet you blog about it – its not an uncommon trend where those in pain anonymously blog about their deep dark secrets….

  2. You sound more jaded, but the feeling’s understandable even if it’s unpleasant to read. I got rejected last night and was a little bitter (understatement) so I did something else. I’ve found that it helps to focus on something else and not blog/call people/vent, etc while feeling bitter and jaded.

  3. Sorry to hear that – it wasn’t me, though. I was busy all evening. 😀
    I never blog what I’m actually feeling at any given moment, but every now and then I turn out filler material for when I run dry, and it’s invariably negative. Because why would I put up something negative unless I had nothing else to put up? Unfortunately, I run dry more frequently these days. Perhaps it’s time to quit again.

  4. Well, jaded is such an ugly word. I don’t think that means a desire to move along in life. But no more posts insisting that you’ll stay single forever and detailing which cats to acquire. Even my hairdresser told me it happens so quickly. One gets chizuk from so many places in life.

    People don’t comment on a blog post entitled, “Afternoon Spent Knitting Socks.” So hobbies are out.

    So a new angle is needed. But I got nothing.

  5. Definitely more jaded. Its been getting worse and worse in the past few months (understandably) I would say you could draw the line somewhere around your last birthday. I was going to throw in some lines about emunah and bitachon and staying strong but it would seem that you wouldn’t appreciate it. I would like to say something that I wanted to say for a while but didn’t. Originally when this blog started, its goal seemed to be to show that even if you break all the shidduch rules, you’ll stay get married. Thus its name, badforshidduchim. The experiment was a fascinating one and I was hoping you would get married earlier in the game just to say “you see, it really is all stupidity”. The irony is that I guess it sort of backfired on you and thus your still single at 24 (23? I lost track). I would be interested in reading a post about what you’ve learnt from the past 4 years if anything about shidduchim and the shidduch process.

  6. HaShem has plans for you, which may or may not include marriage, and it will happen regardless of if you’re in town or out of town!

    I’m so glad to be raised MO, it seems like your shidduchim is more a business transaction than finding your bershet!

  7. Soul – I don’t believe whatsoever that her doing things which are “bad for shidduchim” has any relevance whatsoever to whether she’s married or not. And fwiw, much of it really is all stupidity.

  8. Hey Bad4 i think your absoulutely wonderful. I love your blog. I find it to be a refreshingly honest, humorous, witty, and insightful commentary of life from the single BY grad angle. I don’t find you to be jaded at all. I think the fact that you are brave enough to express your thoughts without making them “politically correct” probably keeps you from becoming a jaded one dimensional boring old single. I think the ppl that keep murmuring the “correct” platititudes are not being real with themselves and are at a higher risk at burning out inside and becoming jaded. Duh you know that you’ll get married one day to a guy that you’ll adore and you’ll only remember the good parts about your single years (they were the main parts anyways). But till then I think its great to be contrary every now and then. We are real people you know, we don’t always have to display endless patience and understanding.

    I think of your blog as a community service – its a guaranted daily laugh, feeling of being understood, and a reminder not to take yourself too seriously. After really bad dates, I go through old posts till I’ve finished off the ice cream. By that point I’m completely over the trauma. I recommend it to all my single friends that I think need to lighten up a little.

    I’ve followed your blog since its inception and have never commented before, but felt moved to now in order to speak on behalf of the “silent majority” and say WE LOVE YOUR BLOG! DON’T YOU DARE TO EVEN THINK OF QUITTING !!!(till you’ve married off your grandchildren at least).

  9. i agree with typically atypical. dont quit!! i love your blog. so what if ur jaded? the older we get, we all become more jaded. if people dont like some of your posts they should stop reading them. i love them all. i tell everyone about your blog and i havent yet met someone who thinks its too negative. we all totally empathize. keep up the great work!

  10. 3.Sorry to hear that – it wasn’t me, though. I was busy all evening. – You’ve got an alibi…… for now.

  11. I don’t think she ever said anything about quiting. I never claimed that her badforshidduchim actions made it harder for her or is the cause of her singlehood. All I said was that the experiment failed and thus we can’t say”see told you so”.

  12. She hasn’t failed. She’s still in the dating world and she is still looking for the right guy. Failure would be her turning her life over to a nunnery. Don’t think that’s happening. Life doesn’t always go according to the time frame that we’d like. B’ezrat Hashem the day will come when she can say “I told you so” and say so with solid insight. You’re an inspiration to me, Bad4, and many others! Thanks for infusing humor into a stage of life moany people would rather infuse with Paxil.

  13. i didnt say she failed nor did i say she if a failure. all i said was that the experiment failed. sheesh people get a grip. how in the world could she say i told you so ” i told you that everyone could get married” no duh. that wasnt was this whole thing was about. this whole blog was about how even if you break the “rules” it doesnt matter. well evidently it does.

  14. btw so what? and soul are the same person. different names when i use different computers do to whats saved on it.

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