Friday Repost: Haven’t Seen This Since

Back in the day, I read the advice columns on dating, mostly due to a masochistic predisposition. I haven’t heard of “fat potential” since I posted this, but it’s still a funny topic.

Request: After reading this post, please rate it below on a scale of 1-5, where one is “wow you were desperate for filler material” and five is “I’d forward this to a friend.”


6 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Haven’t Seen This Since

  1. I remember reading this also, right around when I was gearing up to start dating! It’s an interesting concept, but honestly, how many guys out there who are snobbish enough to care about this also have the brains to figure this out/calculate the numbers?

    I highly doubt the average yeshiva bochur who would fit into the system of obsessing about this sort of this sort of thing would be able to even crunch the numbers on a TI-83+, having never encountered a course in statistics in his life. Further, if anyone were to explain it to him, I doubt he’d get it unless it was boiled down to “more numbers means more fat.” At any rate, anyone with enough education will realize the insignificance relying on this to determine a potentially worthy bride.

  2. Drumroll please . . . 4.9.

    The sadness is how people give the few idiot people out there mamashus. Let us say there was an idiot boy with, presumably, and idiot mother, who felt it was perfectly acceptable to research familial fatness tendencies. Once, they would have been put in the stocks, for all the townspeople to revile them. Now they get articles written on their behalf.

    Many practices nowadays that would have once starved from lack of sun and water are thriving. Why are these acts, which reflect a complete lack of bitachon in seemingly religious individuals, printed in the paper? If individuals are supposedly starving/purging themselves based on idiot people, they are also idiots.

    So we have an idiot crisis. Is there a way to calculate IP (Idiot Potential) by factoring ancestors IQ?

  3. I have actually known a woman to say, in response to being told mazel tov at the vort of her son, that “thanks, but the bride was a PTB”. When asked what that was she explained, “Potential to bloat. Did you see her mother”?

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