Getting Serious

When graduation approaches, the student faces the fact that life is going to change. Instead of continuing to be rooted near their university, they face the possibility of moving. And moving immediately forces one to consider, what would they like to bring along? Additionally, they face the possibility of an income, and the means with which to begin a more serious phase of their life.

They begin to think about marriage.

I’m not talking about me. I’m talking about my 22-year-old classmates. Like the one who proposed to his girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. The wedding is scheduled for after graduation. He left a few of the others jealous.

Like the fellow from Grenada who told me he’s jealous of the social network we shidduch daters have. Culturally, he feels a need for a girl from Grenada. But few of the women there pursue higher education, making it hard for him to have a meeting of the minds with any of them. He’d like to settle down, but he can’t even find a date.

Others had big plans for this Valentines Day. It’s time to take things up a notch with the girlfriends. Time to get serious, because real life is about to begin.

And yes, there’s me, raising concern among my classmates. They know orthodox Jews tend to marry young. They wonder what will happen to me if I don’t marry soon.

“If I pass my expiration date, they just discard me,” I explained.

Any plans for Valentines Day?

No, not really. Okay, I hit “accept” on that SYAS profile. After all, graduation approaches. I could take a page out of my colleagues books. It’s time to get serious.



6 thoughts on “Getting Serious

  1. Thanks for the interesting insight into the world of graduate school students – I’m always curious when the secular world starts getting “serious” about their plans for marriage.

  2. I graduated with a degree in engineering, and none of my friends (that I was aware of) were talking or thinking about marriage. My sister had some nursing friends (religious Christians) who got married around graduation time, but I had no such friends.

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