Random Question

Was this the quietest Purim ever (in Brooklyn, at least) or did everyone leave just when I arrived?


10 thoughts on “Random Question

  1. Brooklyn was a snore but slightly less dead than last year (but maybe that s because I forced it to be and dressed up and gave more than the one required shaloch manos). But yeah, the groups knocking on our door have dwindled to a sorry number, Mordechai on a horse was no where to be seen, the driving conditions were actually normal and all was quiet motzei shabbos.
    That’s what happens when everyone runs away to Florida. Pathetic.

  2. Agree with Sarah, but on a happier note. Streets were drivable, I didn’t fear for my life every time I had to cross the street, and spent I zero time concerned about Chillul Hashem. Some blocks were very quiet, but others had their fair share of children and parents roaming around in costumes. Again, very impressed with the driving conditions – it was really nice to be able to deliver Mishloach Manos without sitting in traffic and worrying about making the whole family wait for us for the Seudah.

  3. Yes, I couldn’t understand it. Usually driving through Boro Park is taking your life in your hands (on a weekday), but yesterday it was positively civilized. I think Flatbush was more “loose” than BP this year.

  4. Princess Lea, it’s not hard these days to be more “loose” than British Petroleum. They have legal issues up the wazoo.

    Wait for it…


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