I’m Engaged!

And he proposed by offering me the Brooklyn Bridge.

Happy 1st of April!


28 thoughts on “I’m Engaged!

  1. I hope its true, but fear its not!!!
    Well? The Brooklyn Bridge would be a small price to pay…
    Over to you, Bad4

  2. I knew it wasn’t true because I was on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday for more than half the day (and night) talking with my fiancee. (Don’t bother checking onlysimchas because I abhor that yenta site; you won’t find me there.) We walked the bridge enough times that I lost count and we didn’t see anyone propose. Nice try.

    I do agree that you should not have mentioned the date but I understand that that wasn’t a risk you were willing to take.

  3. Bad4, I got fake engaged on April Fools about 3 years ago, on facebook only (fake account, photoshoped pictures, etc.). I thought for sure people would realize I was joking…. until I saw all the Mazel Tovs on my wall and I started getting phone calls…

    Happy April Fools Everyone!

  4. i personally dont agree that this was a good or funny joke, especially when so many people are struggling with shidduchim.
    whatever. kol tuv

  5. calm down, guys. can’t you all take a joke? if badforshidduchim is struggling with shidduchim and she can take a joke, kal v’chomer those of you who have commented who AREN’T having trouble with shidduchim can take a joke too…

  6. Awww man I got SO happy for a minute!
    Bad4, I hope you meet your special guy THIS month!!! (April/Nissan) and report some real good news.

    Shabbat Shalom!

  7. I for one thought this was a fine spoof, well done because it gets you for like half a minute then gives itself away. Congratulations on a successful fool, Bad4. Some people need to pick up a sense of humor.

  8. i was really tempting to write that im engaged on my facebook status but knew that within 2 seconds of posting it my parents would have been inundated with phone calls wishing them mazal tov and i just couldn’t do that to them. considering i had a first date the night before it was really probably not a good idea. was very tempting though…

  9. You’ll notice the period is after the quotation marks, not before. I wasn’t asking, I was stating.

  10. Agree with 14 and the others who thought it was a terrible joke. How can we take your word for anything now? How do we know you’re not really a 58 year old grandfather?

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