Just Kidding…

There are certain things single people should never do. Like dress up as “married” for Purim. Or wear their sister-in-law’s wig around the neighborhood (even if it is the third day of a 3-day yom tov and your hair resembles a smearcat*.) Or hold a mock wedding in their house with themselves as one of the principle parties. Possibly, passing oneself as engaged on April 1st should be added to the list.

Still, I couldn’t resist. Especially after a week of not posting.

I mean, we all know what it means when a blogger disappears for a little bit of time. It’s obvious that the most important things in their life are not post-able, and what could that mean?

I could think of a few options. Attending weddings. Doing homework. Sleeping. Not sleeping and therefore unable to think straight. Writing reports. Playing a week-long marathon session of Settlers… Some are more likely than others. But if, like me, you haven’t gone on a date in a month or two, then these are far more likely than engagement.

Just figured I should clarify that before it hits Onlysimchas.com.

*Smearcat (n) cat that’s been smeared across the asphalt due to an unfortunate high-speed interaction with an automobile.


7 thoughts on “Just Kidding…

  1. Settlers, definitely. I didn’t see the joke until tonight though…and I wouldn’t believe it if I heard it on your blog anyway 😛 (at least, not without significant evidence from other places, offline!

  2. It was kind of obvious for the joke as you mentioned the date in your post !!! (took all the fun away though) But that’s so mean for the cat !!! I nearly cryed !!!

  3. For the record, a friend of mine met her husband-to-be on Purim – he was drunk and she was wearing a snood. No one was thinking of a shidduch between them at the time but it all worked out in the end.

    Hope to hear some real news from you!

  4. “But if, like me, you haven’t gone on a date in a month or two, then these are far more likely than engagement.
    Can you make a graph illustrating how dating proposals have fluctuated from when you just began dating to now? I am always curious as to when the frum community decides when a girl is getting old and how it correlates to the amount of dates she gets. If the curve downward is consistent and steady then it seems that those elders of ours were right all along.

  5. curious cat – This is the usual pattern of dating frenzy followed by months of nothing. It hasn’t changed in years.

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