The Perfict Boy

Courtesy of O, I bring you the checklist for the Perfict Boy.


7 thoughts on “The Perfict Boy

  1. the girl perceives herself as stupid so she thinks someone ‘stuped’ is the best boy for her.
    thats not so stuped…. there’s some truth there…
    most people don’t want someone with the same faults as them, if not perfect.

  2. @jv- I think what you said is contradictory. First you said if someone is stupid then they look for someone who is also stupid. Then, you said that people look for someone who does not have the same faults as them, meaning if they were stupid they would look for someone who is smart… Please explain what you meant.
    Also, I find it very hard to think that the reason why people want to marry someone less intelligent than them is because the person does not think he/ she is smart themselves. That just doesn’t make any sense.

  3. Bad4 – sorry, I just saw your response!
    Most people don’t want to marry a know-it-all. That person is out of the average intellectual league. From personal experience, it’s annoying when a date/spouse is so much smarter – to the point that they’re NEVER wrong, and you can never educate them. Therefore, they need to be a little bit stuped. You know, so that you can also be right sometimes. And educate them. It’s a give-give relationships. I educate him; he educates me. 😀

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