Partay Time, I Suppose

Back in the days before digital typesetting, if an article failed to fill a page, the newspaper or magazine had to fill the blank space with something else. In the early years of the New Yorker magazine, EB White was employed to fill the space with a humorous piece, which he often did by making fun of errata from other publications. A sample piece, which he lampooned merely by titling it:

Neatest Trick of the Week
Her black hair was drawn tight so that her huge forehead bulged and hung twisted into meagre pigtails down her back.
— the
Family Herald

To be fair, he sometimes poked fun at New Yorker errata as well. For example,

Our Pshaw Department
It is, to say the least, an unusual composition, scored for 11 mechanical pianos, one of them mechanical.
The New Yorker
So many people have told us that that sentence didn’t make sense that we are getting around to that opinion ourselves.

Well, so many people have told me that I ought to celebrate 1,000,000 page views that I am coming ’round to that position myself.

However, I’m a bit pressed for time these days and simply can’t  organize a party with a pony ride and a moonwalk and waiters with white gloves carrying around franks in blankets with to0thpicks in, and  champagne corks taking off like planes at JFK International. I’ll provide the bubbly and the trifle cake, but I need y’all to chip in. Bring something, be it entertainment or food or other.

And, strictly for my own amusement, I would like to require that any comments posted below rhyme. For example, you might write:

One mil’s a big number,

Those are the facts,

But there won’t be much left

When you deduct all the tax.

So, welcome all to the One Million Hits Celebration. Have a seat, take a slice of trifle, can I offer you a glass of champagne? I’m sure someone will bring the pony rides shortly…


13 thoughts on “Partay Time, I Suppose

  1. Just four years and counting?
    How can it be?
    And already you’ve hit
    More than a Million and three.
    The writing is superb,
    The blog is a success.
    We look forward to reading your book,
    As we would expect nothing less.
    So thanks for the great reading,
    In- depth exposes combined with all things light,
    And we hope to hear more,
    With hopefully no end in sight.

    How’s that for impromptu during a boring Genetics lecture 😀

  2. There once was a lass from BY
    Who was matchless, though she did try
    Now a hundred myriad
    Have read about “Bad”
    (And on April 1st, all gave a sigh!)

  3. To post, I have to rhyme?
    On a blog about finding mates?
    Lass – Not on my dime
    You can’t afford my rates

  4. A million hits? The women in black
    Are having palpitations
    For your blatant attitude of disrespect
    Doesn’t deserve a celebration

    But keep flouting the rules, keep mocking the flocks
    Your loyal readers ask –nay, plead
    For those who dwell in Shidduchsville
    This blog’s something that they need

    Mazel tov!
    Loyal lurker Rivka

  5. No prose allowed since rhymes you ask
    Nonetheless, I accept this unaccustomed task
    Although this comment seems to be a pain in the ….
    Oh. Right, this is a party, I shall not be crass
    I would have taken the easy route and comment I would not
    But a celebration like this doesn’t happen a lot
    First, thank you for sharing with us your whimsical mirth
    And for posting nearly daily, surely not a dearth
    Praises aside, a celebration is to be had
    And I for one couldn’t me more glad
    A L’Chaim is in order and a toast shall be made
    But first I think there is something that should be displayed
    To the party I bring a gift of some bourbon so wonderful
    To which elaborating toasts are made o so plentiful
    As for the entrainment, I really do fear not
    You’ve invited bloggers, better entertainment couldn’t be bought! 🙂
    So while that pony ride to some may sound alluring
    Personally, I think I’ll stick to Champaign and trifle procuring
    On that note, I think I shall wrap up this congratulatory bit
    May you have much success and find your Bashert before your second millionth hit!

  6. its with regret that i do read
    that there is no party to mark the deed
    i dont expect no pony ride
    but of a proper festivity i feel denied
    pressed for time or not at all
    a brief raising of glasses is the call
    alas however ill hop on the wagon
    and applaud the virtually-inspired braggin
    heres to 1,000,000 posts provided
    my need for a party has already subsided
    hope to read on for years to come
    on second thought that came out dumb
    rather this blog should wrap up soon
    as should my rhyme, i sound like a goon

  7. I wonder why you ask that we use rhyme
    Which Milton called “vexation” and “constraint”.
    I’d think that meter serves at least as well
    The purpose of celebratory verse.

  8. A million views? Impressive news.
    What’s bad4shidduchim
    Is good for the Jews.

    (At least those of the tribe who appreciate wit, in every sense of the word. Count me as one of them.)

  9. Awesome! Some of these made me laugh out loud. Thank you all for joining in the festivities. You made it festive. 😀

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