Today’s Wizard of Id (thank you, Chopped Liver.).


14 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Actually my sister-in-law went out with a blogger (although she did not know it) and lo and behold one of their discussions ended up on his blog. She was quite perturbed to learn about it later on.

  2. Fantastic. Though I don’t think Bad4 ever writes about her dating exploits in detail, or shortly thereafter they occur.

  3. I think you think that I’m engaged and just trying to postpone the announcement. :-/ I’m sorry, but it ain’t so. Ain’t nearly so. The only guys currently interested in seeing me are classmates, and those need to be discouraged.

  4. I’m not doing so well as well, I had the joy of finding out that she’s got a boyfriend in Yeshivah (that’s not the kind of awkward you can turn into a joke).

  5. That comic strip is the story of my life and the entire reason why I blog. For the sole purpose to entertain and hopefully educate ignorant males on the errors of their ways. AMAZING!

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