Engagement Chicken and Other Non-Jewish Segulos

Want your fellow to propose? Serve him a chicken dinner. Serve him this chicken dinner. According to Glamour magazine, this chicken is responsible for almost 70 engagements. (Here’s a video where it’s given credit for a proposal that occurred two years later.)

Why does it work? The hypothesis is that it shows a woman in a domestic light, which happens rarely in modern times. But for a segula, who needs a reason? They always work, no matter how long you have to wait…


13 thoughts on “Engagement Chicken and Other Non-Jewish Segulos

  1. If she’s makes it just once… it sounds like false advertising.

    Then again, if she’s putting significant thought and effort into something like this regularly for him, he’ll definitely be thinking of her as future-wife material. Never underestimate how much a man values when someone cooks delicious food for him, particularly a woman he loves.

  2. OMG this is too funny! totally understand how a chicken dinner could make a guy propose. But I’m a little skeptical about the the proposal that came 2 yrs later…

  3. As the saying goes “The way to a mans heart is through the stomach”. Advice to all the ladies out there, don’t fret about your cooking skills or knowledge (or lack therefore). The bottom line is that if you start cooking for your man, even if you’ve never done so before and you teach yourself a few recipes, recipes which he can enjoy with you, even simple dishes… he will instantly see you from a whole new prospective. Maternal instincts are on the forefront of a guys subcontious… often the guy doesn’t even know it, but once you cook for him it’s there and it’ll start nagging at him. Cooking for a guy not only gives him something to tell (brag) to his friends (which he inevitably will), but it also gives him something he can identify with (think Eshet Chayil). You’re looking for a man to marry, he’s looking for a home to establish. Home to a guy is where he was made meals as a kid… and it was his mother who provided. He’ll start viewing you as mother maidel material.

    Also if you cook food for him he can always eat it for lunch while he’s at work, or save it for leftovers for dinner. I know it’s not the American way to think or behave fiscally responsible… everyone in NY seems to go out to restaurants for food… but any guy still at the dating stages should be working hard to save their money for the “ring fund”, or for a future house/mortgage/wedding/kids, etc…. home cooked meals at work saves him in the long run if he’s a responsible boy.

    Not to mention a cooking/dinner date is an awesome way to save money and spend time together. Even if he’s not really doing anything but boiling water for rice… it’s the activity and time spent together that counts.

    Lastly, It’ll probably be hard for shidduch daters to navigate this diner-date idea but where there’s a will there’s a way. So once you’ve made it past your first few dates this is definitely one of the dates that should be looking into establishing.

  4. So when you’re interested in a guy by the 3rd date and he asks what you want to do, tell him you’ll cook him a chicken dinner.

  5. Princess Lea – the thought occurred to me as well. 😀
    MCP – steak isn’t wife food. Any guy can make a steak on a grill. I think the point is to make him think of a kitchen.
    chaim j. – right… where?

  6. Has anyone tried this recipe?

    Is it a segula for Shalom Bayis too?

    I might just attempt it over Pesach. Maybe my husband will come up with another diamond ring…

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