BadforShidduchim in a Nutshell

Ezzie sent me this link to a summary of the content of this blog.

I wish I could say it wasn’t a very good one. There were certainly points where I was thinking, “No! It’s not like that! …well, not always. Not with everyone. Okay fine, sometimes. Well, maybe…”

I was a little dismayed to read myself characterized as immature, but I perked up a bit when I saw that I was immature for a 26-year-old. As I’m a 24-year-old, that’s to be expected.

To the author of the post: Hi! *waves*

And to everyone else: we’ll be taking a hiatus until after the crunching holiday. I’ll see you on the other side of too many carbs!


8 thoughts on “BadforShidduchim in a Nutshell

  1. Wow, that’s quite some bekius over there.
    I’ve been reading you for years too, but I don’t think I remember you saying all those things.
    Such kishron.

  2. what i keep wondering is why somone who write the way you do, and has the values you project, is fixated on the ulta-orthodox shidduch system and collel life. why not try dating modern orthodox, where things are a lot more casual (and fun…)?
    (i’m not trying to steer you towards sin – most serious MO guys woiuld be just as observant of tzinus, negia or anything else you write about. in fact, you yourself sound more MO than UO already…)

  3. “but I perked up a bit when I saw that I was immature for a 26-year-old. As Iโ€™m a 24-year-old, thatโ€™s to be expected” – The flip side is that you’ll also be even more cynical, bitter and despondent about your odds of getting married at 26, I mean next thing you know you’ll be 30 and single…….

    Happy pre-Pesach teasing…..

  4. sh, lots of the more yeshivish (or as you call them, “serious”) Modern Orthodox also do shidduchim only, or mostly. I’m pretty sure the children of Rav Schachter are not going to lots of mixed-sex social events, for instance. I’d describe myself as modern, but I’m doing only shidduch dating, and other people in my Modern Orthodox shul understand that perfectly.

  5. Bad4, for some, the too many carbs comes from matzah and/or potatoes. But for others, it comes from wine!

    Happy Pesach (NOT paysach!).

  6. I too did not understand where the immature part came in as I always found the content here to be quite down-to-earth and level-headed. Perhaps they just don’t understand this culture despite a distincts ability to robotically rehash the details they claim to have read here.

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