Friday Repost: Royalty Minus the Perks

Pesach is when we spend a lot of time trying to imitate royalty. For chazal, who never went to bais yaakov, the concept was an exciting once-a-year adventure. For those of us who have been royal since 9th grade, the novelty wears off fast. Which is why, I explained a couple of nights ago, I am exercising my royal prerogative by showing up to the seder in crocs. Hey, King James the First was known for a generally scruffy appearance. And it wasn’t limited to a part of him hidden under the table. Although, if we’re going to start on royalty who set a bad example, he’s only the appetizer. What they really want us to imitate is the socially ambitious middle class.

But that is not the subject of today’s post – or any day’s. Here’s a post about another thing we have in common in royalty: tabloid attention. And another thing royalty has that we don’t: private estates.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Royalty Minus the Perks

  1. That’s why I love it that I now live in a neighborhood that if I’m wearing a skirt that inexplicably rides up because of the coat I’m wearing, it won’t be held against me.

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