Mazal Tov to William and Kate

Honestly, if being a balding, orphaned-by-the-paparazzi, next-in-line-to-be Prince of Wales isn’t bad for shidduchim, what is? Definitely on my list of “If he could find a match, I can.”

10 thoughts on “Mazal Tov to William and Kate

  1. lets not forget that every one of the 3 “defects” mentioned by bad4 were beyond his control…

  2. Being in line to be king is bad for shidduchim…huh? He’s a good looking guy, a decorated soldier, super educated and he’s rich and famous. I can’t imagine any girl not wanting to marry him.

  3. He’s rich, Sophia Loren (you’re really old or into “classic” if you know who she is) married an ugly guy who was loaded with money. Money = Good for shidduchim.

  4. I don’t understand what you mean by “If he could find a match, I can.” I was under the impression that within the context of dating, only males are allowed to have flaws, females don’t have that luxury… 😕

  5. SiBaW has a bit of a point. Despite the flaws you mention, he’s got a boatload of benefits that could easily make any girl look the other way. Kind of like the reverse of what the Gemara says at the end of Ta’anis regarding the not-so-pretty women dancing in the fields on Tu B’Av and Yom Kippur looking for a husband. They are purported to say that if a guy is looking for beauty, just buy them lots of jewelry and no one will notice their unnatractive features. He’s got a lot more going for him that definitely outweighs the negatives listed in the post. Whether those benefits – fame, money, royalty, etc – are worth it, is something else to be considered.

  6. Sorry. Those who think being bald, being an orphan, and who your parents are is bad for shidduchim DESERVE the shidduch system and all the agmat nafesh that comes along with it.

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