There are Strange People Floating Around Out There

Way back when I was once privy to an email sent by a would-be shadchan to a would-be suitor regarding me. The descriptions of me were surprisingly on target, considering that the shadchan hardly knew me. But how did she manage to get my age so wrong?

I read the email again and then again and then something clicked. I opened my official shidduch dossier file. And bingo! There was the identical flattering description of me, along with the erroneous age. I hadn’t updated the detested document in two years.

I gritted my teeth and made some changes, including replacing age with birthday. This, I hoped, would prevent my having to look at it again for another two years.

Which is why I wasn’t nearly as appalled as PNN about the age discrepancy he found on a recent profile. It ain’t so bad, bro. Honestly. It’s just the age.

Now, if you want weird discrepancies in information, check out the one Princess Lea got. It was for a guy she’d already been out with several years ago. That wasn’t the odd part. The strange part was that in the intervening years he’d become younger, handsomer, and taller.

Okay now we’re getting weird.


One thought on “There are Strange People Floating Around Out There

  1. Well, depending on how much time had passed and who his doctor was, we know that plastic surgery, including facial reconstruction, nose jobs, and leg extensions/growth hormones can create wondrous changes. Maybe he’d been under the knife a few times in the interim.

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