Should I Go?

Received notice of this a while ago and disregarded it, since Wednesday is one final and Thursday is another. But since I’m suffering acute senioritis, I’m rethinking that logic. So, who’s going?

MAY 11, 6PM @YUM – Jews & Jewish Culture in New Media: A Forum for Emerging Writers, Bloggers & Journalists

(Tell your friends!)

The popularity and influence of emerging media is empowering a new generation to question, challenge and raise their voices in unprecedented ways. It has fueled rebellions and revolutions around the world, and offers an exciting and ever-expanding reevaluation and re-articulation of culture.  This issue is of crucial importance for Jewish culture and society.


The Yeshiva University Museum is excited to host an informal, open forum for emerging writers, bloggers, and others engaged with Jewish culture through New Media. We will meet May 11 from 6-8pm to tour the Yeshiva University Museum galleries and discuss Jewish topics in new media. Together, we’ll evaluate, critique and debate such topics as: how new media effects our understanding of Jewish culture, ethics in writing about Jewish communal and culture topics, preservation and redefinition of tradition through writing, and how Jewish topics are, should and shouldn’t be addressed.


Refreshments and other cool bloggers will be served!


Please RSVP to chersh[at] or call 212-294-8330 x 8808



10 thoughts on “Should I Go?

  1. Interesting! I didn’t hear about this at all, but it sounds quite interesting indeed. I can’t confirm at the moment, but I would definitely like to go.

  2. I wouldn’t go if I were you.
    It’s really a disguised cannibalism festival of some sort.
    Didn’t you read what they said?
    They’re serving bloggers.

  3. Yes, but they’re serving other bloggers. As that email was addressed to me, I feel pretty sure that I’m safe. 😉

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